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    Live casino games online are becoming more and more popular every year. According to statistics, about 200 thousand players of the portal 1win casino regularly play with real dealers. This is still a significant minority, but just a year ago there were half as many active players. Live games are gaining popularity, so there are more and more of them in 1win casino.

    1win offers its customers a varied and exciting selection of games. These are not standard slots or poker entertainment in the usual format for gamblers. These are real TV games!. This type of entertainment gives 1win a significant competitive advantage, since it is not available on all gaming platforms. It features real-time broadcasts with live dealers and gives all participants of the TV show a chance to win solid cash prizes.

    TVBet is one of the most prominent providers of this kind of cash games. As you might have guessed, in this article we will tell you about the games from the gambling provider TV Bet. Let’s talk about why they are popular among the players of our portal, and also explain the rules of the main novelties of TV Bet.

    What is a live casino: how to play with a real croupier?

    But let’s start by explaining what a live casino with real dealers is. Live games for money are online gambling games in which the game is played by a real croupier. The user connects to the broadcast of the gaming room, where he has the opportunity to watch the game, and makes his bets. In some games you play against the dealer, in others you just bet on him.

    It is interesting that the mechanics of live casino games are very similar to regular fast online games. At the top of the screen is the party, and at the bottom is the control panel. Using the keys of the control panel, the user makes his bets. Agree, it is very similar to most other online casino games 1win.

    How to understand the rules of TV games on the 1win online casino site? For this there is a section “How to play” on the right side of the main menu, to the right of the Lobby. A click will open instructional videos for each of the games presented in TVBet. Many videos are in English, but the inclusion of subtitles will solve the problem with the translation.

    What is shown in the main menu of 1win TV games?

    • At the top is a list of all entertainment, live games come first;
    • To switch between games, players must use the horizontal menu above the broadcast screen;
    • by clicking on a TV game, a live broadcast appears, actions under it are activated only after authorization on the site and in the 1 win application;
    • to the right of the screen, customers see the results of the latest gaming sessions and the top 3 among the winnings in the latest distributions;
    • under the live broadcast there is a window for bets, you can set the bet limit, automatic bet, on the right there is a field for selecting an event.

    Can I use bonuses and free spins in TV bet?

    1win does not offer any betting bonuses on TV versions of well-known games. Players cannot apply the Leaderboard Welcome Package or Loyalty Program Bonus to TV Entertainment. 1win casino customers get cashback or activate free spins.

    But the chances of winning in any case will be high — all TV games are licensed, they, like slot machines, have volatility. The lack of promotional offers only emphasizes the popularity of TVBet: we don’t need to motivate customers to try it! The TV version itself is attractive, users can use their knowledge and tactics for a winning bet!

    Near the betting field, you can activate the promotional code 1win — vouchers are used in this type of entertainment.

    Why choose TVBet at 1win?

    • this is a new form of entertainment for post-Soviet gamblers;
    • it can be played in mobile and desktop formats;
    • popular television versions of games, keno or lottery are presented;
    • live dealers create the atmosphere of a real casino;
    • instant calculation of rates allows you to get more emotions;
    • players can customize the quality of broadcasts and the interface for themselves;
    • All users have a great chance of winning every round

    To understand how TVBet works on the 1win betting site, you should start with the minimum bets. Demo mode in this format of entertainment is not provided, the game is possible only after registration and replenishment of the account in a convenient way.

    In the lower right corner of the broadcast screen, you’ll find a gear button. With it, you can adjust the video resolution, turn the sound on or off, open the broadcast in a new window, watch it in full screen mode or move it to the left side of the screen.

    On the left side of the broadcast screen, you will see the results of the last few games and the amount of prizes that the winners received. In the lower right corner there is a betting window. There you can also enable the “bet in one click” options; and “accept as ordinary” to speed up the gameplay.

    Yes, in TVBet you can place multiple bets in a row or create parlays, the system is no different from betting on sports! It can be configured so that bets in a row are activated as singles, and not as part of an accumulator.

    TV Bet is the best provider of live games for money

    TV Bet provider on the market since 2016. During this time, the company has established itself as one of the best providers of live casino games. In the CIS countries, a gambling provider is considered the most popular among such software vendors. The peculiarity of the TV Bet company is that it holds not only classic casino games, but also many others. For example, TVBet is one of the few providers that organize games of Eastern card games.

    Gambling provider TVBet games on 1win casino website:

    • POKER
    • WILBET
    • BATTLE
    • 5BET
    • 7BET
    • JOKER
    • 1BET
    • MEGA6

    All online live casino games are worthy of your attention, but we propose to analyze the last three, which appeared in 1win casino quite recently.

    Online game rules Andar Bahar

    Andar Bahar is a classic Indian card game. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. The game begins with the croupier taking out the Joker card (it can be any card, not necessarily the Joker). Then he shuffles the deck of cards and begins to put one card each on the Andar and Bahar fields. The players, in turn, place bets on where the card will be, the same value as the Joker card. There are also other types of bets in the TVBet live game, for example:

    • red or black card (what color will the Joker winning card be);
    • how many cards will be dealt during the game.

    Rules of the online game Tin Party

    Tin Party is a card game in which two conditional players take part. You need to bet on the victory of one of them. The task of the players is to collect a combination of three cards that the croupier will give them. These combinations are very similar to poker combinations, which also use a deck of 52 cards. However, only three cards are used in combinations, so there are an order of magnitude fewer of them:

    • high card;
    • pair;
    • street;
    • flash;
    • street flush;
    • set

    The combinations are sorted by seniority. 1 win casino players can bet both on a certain combination and on the victory of one of the participants.

    Mega 6 online game rules

    Mega 6 is a lottery that uses 80 balls of different numbers and a lottery machine. At its core, it resembles the keno lottery, which is also available on the site 1 win casino online. Balls with numbers are also drawn from the lottery drum in turn, and players need to guess them. However, there are not 20 balls, but only 6. There is also a difference in the choice of bets, it is much larger in the Mega 6 live game:

    • number range;
    • exact number;
    • several numbers (from 2 to all 6);
    • balloon color (purple or white).

    The draws take place every few minutes, so you won’t have to wait long! Go to 1win official website right now and play the best live casino games from TVBet provider!


    What is TVbet?

    TV Bet is a gaming software provider that runs live casino games. Part-time TV Bet is a separate section of games in 1win casino online. It has 15 games with real dealers that run 24/7. The broadcast of the gaming hall is available to every user, even if he has not been registered.

    How to play TVBet games at 1win casino?

    In order to play TVBet live games, you need to register at 1win casino and make a deposit. After that, you will have the opportunity not only to watch the game, but also to place your bets. Bets must be placed before the start of the game. Choose a certain outcome of the game, decide on the amount and click on the «Place a bet» button.

    Can TVBet online games be played for free?

    No, TV Bet live games can only be played with real money. However, before playing for money, you can watch how the game goes. By the way, you can do this even if you are not registered at 1 win casino.

    What is the minimum bet in TV Bet games at the 1win casino site?

    The minimum bet in TVBet games is 5 UAH. This is the minimum bet amount in all live casino games 1 win. If we talk about the maximum bet amount, then it depends on the type of game. Often this is 10,000 hryvnia.

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