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    The Aviator online game is one of the most recognizable online gambling games that anyone can play. This is its main advantage, because in order to place an Aviator bet, you do not need to be an expert. Although someone might say that Aviator is a game that is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. However, this does not prevent new players from winning real money while having fun.

    In this article we will tell you about what the Aviator game is and what rules for site 1win. Same Let’s consider the most popular strategies of the game and decide whether they have the right to life. At In general, if you like to play for money in an online casino, then you will definitely be interested!

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    How to play Aviator game?

    As we said, casino 1win Aviator is a game that anyone who wants to make money in online casinos can play. Everything is quite simple: the plane, which is controlled by the aviator, takes off into the air, gaining altitude, and the player places a bet on how high. If the plane took off to an altitude higher than the bet was made, then the player wins, and if it is lower, he loses. Agree, it sounds very simple, but if you start to understand, then the Aviator game will not seem so easy to you. Well, let’s start to figure it out!

    1win Aviator Spribe online game rules

    To begin with, unlike many other fast online gambling entertainment, Aviator is a multiplayer game. Together with you Aviator, many other users make bets, and the flight result is the same for everyone. This means that the game model differs from the classic mechanism with a random number generator, in which the percentage of return is fixed by the provider. Aviator Spribe can be rather compared to the classic roulette, in which many players take part at the same time, and the result is the same for all. You can see the bets of all other players on the left side of the screen.

    Just like in roulette, bets in the Aviator game are made before the start of the round, and there can be two of them at once. The bet is placed on the take-off altitude, which is at the same time the odds. The outcome will be considered successful when the plane in the game Aviator 1win will take off to a height greater than your bet. You can do it at the bottom of the screen, and at the top there is a flight history, which will still be useful to us.

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    1 win Aviator game: strategy or pure luck?

    We have already noted the similarities between roulette and the Aviator game for money, but this is far from all the similarities. You’ve probably heard that in roulette you can use strategies that increase your chances of winning. You can also use strategies in this game, and this is precisely its main advantage over fast gambling. Aviator is a game whose strategy cannot boast of the same abundance of choice as roulette, but this amount will be quite enough. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

    • The least risky strategy will be to bet on low odds: 1.05 - 1.15. If you open the history of flights, you will see that the plane very rarely takes off to an altitude less than 1.15. Even if this coefficient will not bring you big winnings, it will allow you to be sure of the result. In order to increase the amount of your winnings, we recommend making high bets, as well as not participating in the rounds, which were preceded by high odds. For example, if the previous odds were more than 10, then the probability of falling out less than 1.15 is greater than usual.
    • A more risky, but also more profitable, strategy will be based on the regularity of outcomes. If you observe that 5 rounds in a row end with less than 2, then this is the time to apply this strategy. The aviator most often takes off very high after such a series, so the most daring bets can be made. However, we advise you to reinsure yourself against failure by blocking another, more low, height. For example, place one bet at 2.0 and the other at 10.0.

    I would like to note that you yourself can make strategies based on the latest results. The main thing in Aviator strategy is regularity.

    Play Aviator 1win at a legal online casino

    We figured out how to play Aviator for money, now we need to decide where to play. There are many online casinos online that have the Aviator Spribe game, so you need to make a choice. And we have several arguments in favor of choosing 1win online casinos.

    1win site is:

    • licensed playground;
    • More than 8000 fast cash games;
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    The best place to play Aviator is 1win!


    How to play for money in Aviator?

    In the Aviator game, you need to bet on how high the plane will take off. The higher the flight, the higher the coefficient you can catch. The most important thing in Aviator Spribe is to place a bet on the altitude that the plane can handle. If the rate is greater than the flight altitude, then the entire amount is burned.

    Can you use a strategy in the Aviator game?

    The Aviator is a game based on laws, so here strategies will come in handy. There is a whole list of different strategies to help you win, the most popular ones are described on this page. The main thing in Aviator strategy is to find a pattern in flights and to reinsure yourself with an additional bet.

    What is the minimum bet in Aviator 1win?

    At 1win online casino, there is a fixed minimum bet that applies to all games - 1 UAH. Aviator 1win, although it stands out from the background of most other games, will be no exception. In the Aviator game, all the same rules work as in other quick games on the 1vin website.

    What is the lowest and highest odds in Aviator Spribe?

    The lowest coefficient in Aviator (money game) is x1, and the highest is x100. However, this result is quite rare. Most often, the flight altitude fluctuates between 1.5 and 2.5. A bet with the most probable outcome - 1.1, which is why many players make large Aviator bets on this outcome.

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