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    What is a totalizator is known to every experienced better, and if it is suddenly unknown, then you should not be upset, because now we will fix it. If you want to get acquainted and learn all the subtleties of this type of bet, then you are at the right place! So, what is a sports betting - this is a special kind of sports betting on which you can win real money. In the modern sense, this is a certain bet on a sporting event or a number of sporting events, the winnings of which are distributed among the players.

    Initially, and sometimes now, a special counter at horse races was called a sweepstakes, which showed the amount of bets on a particular horse. Then they began to call the bookmaker’s office associated with betting on those very races a totalizator.

    Until now, betting shops dealing with horses are called sports sweepstakes. At the same time, the tradition of winning distribution has been preserved: the entire Jackpot is divided among the players, where the largest shares go, of course, to the winners.

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    How to bet on sports betting

    You bet the amount that goes into the Jackpot. Then different percentages of this Jackpot are distributed among the players:

    • Small winning percentage

    It is received by players who predicted the correct outcomes in a small number, in some types of totalizator it is 2 correctly guessed outcomes of the match out of 8 declared.

    • High winning percentage And this tidbit goes to those lucky ones or betters with an experienced eye who predicted the correct outcomes in most cases, for example, 9 correct outcomes out of 15 declared.

    Sometimes events are chosen by the office itself, and sometimes it can be done by betters themselves. 1win bookmaker offers different options. Not all casinos offer online sports betting. 1 vin boasts this option.

    What is the difference between sports betting and classic bets

    Tote online for money, although similar to classic, ordinary bets, however, has a number of tangible differences. We invite you to get to know them:

    • Tote has no odds per se

    For classic bets, the match odds are a very important element, without which to hope for a good win means leaving it to the mercy of fate and pure luck. Odds are extremely important for an ordinary bet, while there is simply no usual form of odds in a totalizator. The result is calculated in a special way, where each better is an integral part of the calculation.

    • There is a Jackpot

    The totalizator usually has a Jackpot, which consists of collected bets on a number of sporting events. There is no Jackpot in the classic bet, on the contrary, the amounts are clear and you can easily predict how much you can win.

    • Tote has fewer bet object options

    If in an ordinary bet you can bet on almost any detail of the game, not to mention the outcome, then the totalizator does not have such a rich choice.

    In a classic bet, you can literally bet on the replacement of a particular athlete, the number of cards received, or whether the dog of one of the fans will run out on the football field at the 22nd minute of the match on the football field in rare cases. With a totalizator, your choice is limited, more often it is a choice: the victory of one of the teams or a draw. For many betters, this is a big plus, because not everyone wants to predict so far.

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    Similarity of 1 vin express bet and totalizator

    Toto, as the online sweepstakes is also called, is in many ways similar to 1win express bets, another type of money betting site 1win. Let’s see how they are similar:

    • The ability to participate in several events at once Both in the totalizator and in express bets, you can select several events, at least 5, at least 15. However, if you choose events on your own in 1win express bets, then the online totalizator is already a foregone conclusion: its events can be selected by the bookmaker.
    • Small choice of outcomes Another similarity between these types of bets is the small selection of outcomes. This is literally a choice of 3 outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins, or a draw. Rarely, other options are added to the tote.

    Features of the tote

    Tote online for money on our website has a number of its own unique features, which are represented by the following points:

    • The Jackpot amount is not known in advance

    Since the Jackpot is collected from the funds of betters participating in events, it is simply impossible to know in advance the amount of the Jackpot from an online game for a particular sport. Betters will know their approximate winnings only after the start of the event.

    • Tote rules can be changed by the bookmaker

    Bookmaker – sports betting, sweepstakes first of all rules for them, the office itself can change. This is written in the Rules not only of 1win, but also of other bookmakers. This is a normal practice, but please note that it is especially important for a sweepstakes: sweepstakes rules can easily differ on different sites. Before betting, we would recommend that you carefully read the rules of the totalizator of a particular bookmaker.

    • You can win real money

    If you already have an experienced eye that sees the results of the match well, then for you the 1vin sports betting online may be a good opportunity to win a pretty amount. So you can fully enjoy your favorite sports match and get a nice prize.

    • Events can be from different disciplines

    Another feature of the sweepstakes is that a number of events in which you take part can consist of different sports disciplines: be it hockey or football. Agree that this type of bet may seem more interesting than a classic or express bet.

    • There are different types of sweepstakes

    Tote has many varieties, which we suggest you consider further.

    ![tote 1win](/img/totalizator-casino-1vin-org.webp"betting online 1win")

    Varieties of sports betting

    As mentioned earlier, online betting has many varieties, of which several main ones can be distinguished:

    • “1 by 2”

    This type of toto can be considered a classic and the most common. This is a bet on mixed disciplines for 10 - 15 events in which you need to choose 1 of 3 outcomes of the match: team A wins, team B wins or a draw. The more outcomes you guessed, the more your winnings will be, respectively.

    • “Exact score”

    This sweepstakes is more detailed, accurate, but it also wins well. Its essence lies in the fact that you are given a ready-made list with events prepared by the bookmaker, and your task is to predict the exact score. Usually there are no more than 10 events in the list. Guess at least 2, you can win good money.

    • Specific sweepstakes

    This type of toto involves focusing on one sport. Typically, such sweepstakes are created for the most popular sports, such as football, basketball and hockey.

    Responsible gaming and online betting 1win

    It is important to treat any bookmaker’s entertainment as a hobby, and not as a permanent means of earning. Before you put money in the online sweepstakes, determine a number of things for yourself:

    • Session time

    How much time are you willing to spend waiting for a played bet? It is also better to work out such a moment in advance, let you play slot machines, casino games, slots or place bets in the “Live” or “Lines” section of the 1win website.

    • Specific amount

    Remember that you can only play with your own funds, with the expectation that there is no urgent need for them. We advise you to play for an amount that, in case of a loss, is not a shame to lose. Remember that even a sports team with 10 victories in a row can suddenly lose, and that online slots have a random number program. In most cases, you just need Lady Luck.


    Is it possible for a beginner to win a good prize through 1win sports betting?

    Yes. The official website of 1win sets equal conditions for all bettors. Your success largely depends on your luck and ability to predict sports events. Toto has its own rules, which we advise you to familiarize yourself with. They may seem easier to learn than classic single bets. In many ways, they are similar to an express bet.

    Online totalizator works through mobile version 1 win?

    Yes. Site 1 wine supports any modern device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet with Android or IOS system. The sweepstakes also works in the mobile application. If you have not downloaded it yet, then you have a good opportunity to get 5,000 bonus rubles that you can spend, for example, on slot machines or other casino slots.

    Does 1win have a football tote?

    Yes. Since football is an extremely popular game, there is also a sweepstakes for this sport. In addition to football, there are a number of other sports disciplines that you can find in the Live and Line section. Please note that in addition to classic sports, the 1win bookmaker offers bets on e-sports.

    Is there any special bonus of 1win online casino on the online totalizator?

    At the moment, there is no special bonus for the totalizator, but you should not be upset, because there will always be promotions or other casino offers that will satisfy each user. For example, now there is a 1 win express bonus, where an additional payout of up to 15% of real money winnings can be added to your winnings.

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