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    The developer of the gaming product is the Evoplay company, which has launched an online game with non-standard rules and an unusual structure on the gambling market. The gameplay itself is more similar to the usual “thimbles”. The task of the gamer is to guess the glass, under which there is a precious ruby stone.

    If the result is successful, the player 1win casino receives funds to his account. Thimbles game is available to users in two working modes: paid and demo. Players will also be able to choose whether to play with one or two balls.

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    Thimbles game principle

    Choosing a mode for money is for those players who want to receive income from the first minute of the gameplay. Thimbles game for money with bets in real currency is available immediately after the player passes the procedure registration 1win . He will also need to deposit funds into the game balance. It is the paid mode that allows gamers to fully enjoy the gambling atmosphere. The game for money is available immediately after the bet size is selected, which varies between 0.01-1000 coins.

    After these steps have been successfully completed, it remains only to decide on the gameplay mode. To do this, the gamer decides whether he will play with one ball or two. At the next stage, the player should decide on the type of thimbles under which the ruby will hide. A virtual game of Thimbles with two stones will be less risky, but the size of the winnings will be 2 times less. If the player gives an incorrect answer, the entire wagered amount will be deducted from the account.

    1win thimbles

    Thimbles: slot machine features

    Due to the fact that the virtual Thimbles game is not included in the list of standard 1win slot machines, it is important to study the features and operating parameters in detail before launching it:

    • Product developer is Evoplay;
    • Cashback rate is 96%;
    • The highest win is 288 euros in casino currency equivalent;
    • no free spins;
    • winning lines and symbols are also missing;
    • the cost of one launch of games is within 0.01-1000;
    • 2 operating modes.

    The manufacturer used all modern technologies in melbet thimbles to create a kind of gambling atmosphere online. For this reason, the thimbles game will attract the attention of not only fans of traditional offline entertainment, but also gamers who have long been in search of something new and interesting.

    Peculiarities thimbles demo

    The built-in demo mode allows all fans of Thimbles game not to spend their own money to run the game. The free version allows you to run the slot without having to go through the procedure of registering your personal account and making a deposit. Such mechanics will be a great solution for novice players who are just learning the features of slot machines and do not want to risk their finances. Thimbles demo is also suitable for professional gamers, as the features of the gameplay are radically different from other devices.

    Getting this free experience by running the thimbles game in demo mode, any player can increase their chances of winning. Moreover, the functional equipment and mechanics of the virtual slot in the demo version are identical to the paid mode. The only difference is that it will not be possible to withdraw earned virtual coins.

    1win thimbles

    Symbolism thimbles game

    After launching thimbles melbet, players will not see reels and paylines familiar to all gaming machines on the screen of their device. Also, in this gambling entertainment, they will not see symbols either, since the accrual of cash prizes is carried out according to a different principle. Instead of the usual winning combinations that are collected on the playing field, the gamer will have to guess exactly where the ruby ball is. Such simple rules of the game allow you not to waste time studying the payout table.

    Bonus thimbles game

    The Thimbles virtual game does not contain any bonus functionality or additional risk round. In order to be able to win a larger amount of money, the player will have to select a game mode in which only one ruby is involved.


    How can I play Thimbles demo?

    To start the thimbles demo game mode, all online casino visitors must open the page with a virtual slot, and then activate the button labeled «Demo». It is located in the background image of the game itself. Immediately after that, the gameplay begins, which is no different from that which is carried out for real money.

    What needs to be done to launch the thimbles game for money?

    Online game thimbles in paid mode will start only after the player registers a personal account on the casino website. After that, he needs to deposit real money into the account and place a bet. Also, before launching the slot, the gamer needs to choose the number of ruby balls that will be under the thimbles. This parameter will affect the size of the winnings.

    What you need to know about the Thimbles virtual slot?

    The thimbles game is popular among 1win casino customers. Its distinctive features are that the virtual machine does not have jackpots, spinning reels, bonus rounds and paylines. The only similarity with slot machines is in the bets that can be made with real money or virtual coins.

    What are the disadvantages of the thimbles game?

    In addition to the positive aspects, the Thimbles game also has negative ones. The main disadvantages of launching this slot machine are the small size of the maximum win and the monotonous gameplay. In other words, the virtual slot has the usual rules of the game, which even a beginner will understand. But for this, players receive a small amount of money.

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