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    Tennis is one of the most popular sports. Among visitors to betting shops, online tennis bets are the second most popular after football. 1win bookmaker invites all bettors to try their luck and win real money on sports betting.

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    Are there any win-win strategies in tennis betting?

    Many players want to test their intuition and guess the outcome of the match. Online tennis betting can be a good source of additional income. The main thing is to learn to understand all the intricacies of the game. In addition to a deep analysis of games, you need to know the basic betting strategies in 1win bookmaker.

    We can definitely say that there are no 100% win-win strategies! But bettors always have the hope that you can win real money if you follow certain mathematical and logical strategies. Reviews about 1win indicate that the bookmaker accepts and pays bets on tennis absolutely honestly. Let’s look at different tennis betting options using popular strategies.

    Playing for games

    Such online tennis bets are based on the Martingale system. In the community of betters, this strategy is called “catching up”. This method of playing for real money is not recommended for beginners. Before making 1win tennis bets using the Martingale system, we recommend that you learn the basics of sports discipline and gain experience in live betting. In the game of tennis, in each set, the players serve in turn.

    Each draw is worth a certain number of points:

    • 15 for the first win;
    • 30 for the second win;
    • 40 for the third win.

    The task of a better, who makes bets on tennis in 1win bookmaker, is to bet on the victory of a particular athlete in the game. It is important to choose the right match. Experienced bettors advise choosing a game where an average player and a contender for the title oppose.

    Online tennis betting

    Tennis sports betting in 1win bookmaker according to the catch-up system:

    • choose an average tennis player, for example, with a coefficient of 1.7;
    • bet 100 hryvnia if the player wins, the next bet is 300 hryvnia to stay in the black if there is a loss;
    • play at the same pace with an increase in the bet until you consider the amount of winnings sufficient.

    Experienced players are advised to start with 2% of the pot and gradually increase the amount so as not to quickly lose all the money in 1win BC.

    Betting after the first set

    An interesting strategy used by those who bet on live tennis. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to wait for the end of the first set. We advise all visitors to 1win to study the rules of the game of tennis before starting bets in order to understand all the intricacies of keeping an account. The main rules of the strategy that should be followed in order to win real money at 1win bookmaker:

    • it is necessary to choose a game in which two tennis players of equal level take part;
    • odds for the victory of each player must have a difference from 0.5 to 0.7.

    When the game starts, watch the match carefully. When the first set is completed, the winner’s odds will decrease. Bet on tennis live online on the victory of the second player. The quote will increase, and if the player wins, make a reverse bet - on the opponent’s victory. Thus, the quotes will equalize. Due to the difference in the coefficients for each player, you will receive real money for a deposit from 1 win BC.

    Online Tennis Betting

    First Point Game

    Variant of the previous strategy. Online tennis bets are made according to the catch-up system described at the beginning of the article. The peculiarity is that the coefficients for both athletes are the same, regardless of the tennis player’s rating.

    Often, the strategy in betting on tennis at 1win bk is combined with a ladder by experienced players. The bottom line is to start with a small amount and bet money in a row along with winnings on 3-4 similar events in different games. The risk is minimal, but you can win real money. And 1win bookmaker guarantees fast payouts with the withdrawal of funds to the card.

    These are not all the strategies that are used by 1win bookmaker visitors. You can find many other schemes on the Internet. But remember that there is no guarantee - you can win real money in 1win only thanks to luck and the ability to analyze the chosen sport.

    How to bet on tennis at 1win

    Choosing a reliable bookmaker. Online betting on tennis should be done only on reliable portals. 1win bookmaker has been operating in the betting market since 2016 and provides the best conditions for playing with fair and fast payouts.

    • Register with BC. After choosing a bookmaker, the next step is to create a personal account on the portal. At the bookmaker’s office 1win registration is simple and will take a few minutes. Go to the main page and click the “Register” button. After filling out the questionnaire and verifying the profile, you will have access to all 1win tennis bets and other casino and bookmaker offers.
    • Top up the deposit. The next step is to deposit funds into the main account. When registering, enter the promo code 1win and get an additional deposit bonus - 500% for the first four deposits. Be sure to choose a convenient financial instrument: a card or an electronic wallet for withdrawing funds.
    • Select a match. Now it’s time to do 1win sports betting. Go to the “Lines” section and select the betting market, in your option - tennis. Decide on the team and match, and click on the odds.
    • Confirm your choice. Bet online on tennis, then go to the coupon. Enter the amount and confirm. Now it remains to wait for the results.

    Remember that when choosing sports betting, you should pay great attention to odds. Even a small difference in hundredths can be decisive and bring real money.

    Online tennis betting


    For convenience, install the 1win online application for Android or iOS. You will be able to bet on tennis and receive alerts at your convenience. You can download the program by going to the official website of BC 1win, logging into your account with your username and password.


    What is the minimum bet on 1win available in lines?

    1win bookmaker offers all players the most favorable conditions for betting on tennis and other sports. The minimum amount available for a bet is only 4 hryvnia. The upper limit of cash rates is not limited, you can have all the available amount on the main account.

    Which market of 1win betting shop is the most productive for online tennis betting?

    Each better has his own preferences on how to bet on tennis at 1win. Someone is well versed in the total, others perfectly guess the number of double faults or aces. The most popular in the bookmaker's office is 1 win sports betting tennis on the outcome of the game.

    Can I bet on tennis with 1win bonuses?

    When registering, all beginners receive a deposit bonus from 1win - real money in the bonus account. These funds are intended for betting on online slots. If you want to transfer them to the main account, first wager the bonus with the specified wager. Money will be available for betting on tennis after wagering.

    Is it possible to place multiple bets on tennis at 1win bookmaker?

    1win sports betting in multiple format is very popular among bettors. In case of winning, the coefficients are multiplied and the player receives real money. You can bet on tennis online both live and pre-match. For more information, read the betting rules on the official website of 1 win.

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