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    The world of sports betting has long acquired thousands of different outcomes that hundreds of fans bet on every day. Football. hockey, basketball, table tennis and others already have a huge audience that just loves to place online bets on their favorite teams. But what is boxing betting and how do they work? It can hardly be said that this sport is more popular than the rest of the above, but is it fair? Let’s figure it out.

    From time immemorial, betting on fights has attracted many fans. In ancient Rome, it was gladiator fights, a little later fisticuffs on the outskirts of foggy London, but then this industry became more organized. There was a division into fights without rules, boxing and others. Of course, these two types of fisticuffs (and not only) are leading in the world of betting and attract more fans.

    That is why 1win official website provides everyone with the opportunity to start betting on boxing online! Where you can not only support your favorite athlete and make watching the fight more interesting, but also win good money if you choose the right outcome! Next, we will try to figure out how boxing bets still work and how to start making them together with 1win bk!

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    What is 1win box betting

    In order to start betting on boxing, you need to figure out how the fights go, as well as what weight categories are. Boxing fights last 12 rounds, unless the fight ends prematurely, 2 fighters take part who fight in a ring surrounded by ropes. We will not fully describe the rules, as well as the nuances, since this information will be enough for the first bet on boxing.

    As for weight categories, there are 8 of them in the world of boxing. Each weight category has unique features of fighters, knowing which, it will be even easier to bet on 1win. Weight categories affect to a greater extent such indicators of athletes as endurance, impact force and speed.

    Let’s look at them all, and also determine what features the fighters that they include have:

    Weight category Weight Features
    Flyweight Up to 52 kg High endurance and speed, weak kick
    Featherweight Up to 57 kg High endurance and speed, weak kick
    Light weight Up to 63 kg High endurance and speed, weak kick
    Welterweight Up to 69 kg Averages
    Average weight Up to 75 kg Averages
    Light Heavyweight Up to 81 kg Averages
    Heavy weight Up to 91 kg Relatively low endurance and speed, strong blow
    Heavyweight From 91 kg Relatively low endurance and speed, strong blow

    Now that you know all the specifics of the weight classes that you may encounter when betting on boxing with 1win, you will be able to win your first money with a big chance!

    1win boxing bets

    Which outcomes to bet on

    The last step to start betting on boxing with 1win is to get to know the wide line offered by the bookmaker. You should figure out what outcomes exist for this sport, as well as which ones are best to choose in order to win money from the very first prediction! The boxing outcomes that the 1win site represents are divided into only 3 categories:

    • bets on the result of the battle: using this type of bet, you can choose a fighter who, in your opinion, will win in a particular confrontation. You can choose a single winner or risk and bet on a draw, the chance of which is not high, and the odds for this outcome are very impressive!
    Fighter1 win Draw Fighter2 Victory
    1.56 13.5 5.32
    • bets on total rounds in a duel: here you can predict how long (or not) the fight will last. You have several options for betting, but one of the most popular and used by most bettors is total 6 rounds over/under. A good outcome for those who perfectly analyze the fighting style of athletes and follow the statistics;
    • how the battle will end: when choosing this outcome, you must be sure of your choice, since it represents the choice of the exact way the battle will end. There are a lot of them and, of course, you need to know which ones are and which ones occur most often. The fight can end like this: knockout, tech. knockout, refusal to continue the fight from one of the athletes, on points. It is also worth noting that this option is not entirely suitable for the first bet on boxing, because it requires a lot of experience from the better. bets on box 1win

    How to get started on 1win

    Before you start placing your first bets on boxing or any other sport, you need to understand how 1win bookmaker works and go through a few simple steps. The first step is to create an account where you can track your betting statistics as well as playing your favorite slots. With this, the section called “1win registration” is kindly ready to help. Thanks to him, the process of creating an account will be quick and without any problems.

    After the account has already been created, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the site, as well as with all the modes that 1win provides. In the upper right corner is your account and a section with replenishment. After you choose a mode for the game, you should read the 1win game rules section. This will help you make your game safer and cut off all the unpleasant situations that could happen, because ignorance is no excuse!

    Also, do not forget about the section where all promotions and are presented 1win bonuses. There you can see all the offers from the bookmaker. The best offers to start your journey on 1win are no deposit bonuses that will help you win your first real money.

    Why beginners choose 1win

    Well, after we figured out what boxing bets are and what they eat with, let’s understand why most beginners choose 1win. This is a great choice for those who are just starting their journey in the world of betting, as everything has been done to ensure that the user’s convenience is at the highest level! Let’s see why many people choose 1vin bc:

    • accessibility at the highest level! You can access the site from any device that has a browser. This means that you do not need to download any programs. All you need is a PC, laptop or mobile phone with IOS / Android OS;
    • great bonus offers and promotions. This is something that can really interest not only beginners, but also experienced bookmaker users. All the bonuses that 1win has to offer is a great way to win real money with little effort;
    • the fastest withdrawal of funds. This is what 1win bq cares about in the first place. After all, it is important that the user not only win and have a good time, but also quickly withdraw their money.

    bets on boxing 1win

    All these features and nice additions are ready to welcome you to the 1win site with open arms. Therefore, do not expect a miracle, come in and start betting on boxing, as well as other sports along with 1win!


    Can I use my money to box bet with 1win?

    Of course you can, you can bet on all popular sports with 1win. Naturally you have to use your cash for this, but don't forget to use our promotions to get your bonus balance and win even more by betting on box.

    Is an Android device suitable for placing box bets on the 1vin site?

    In order to place box bets on the 1 win site, absolutely any device with a browser is suitable. You can use the bc from a PC, laptop or IOS/Android mobile phone. Most importantly, you do not need to download third-party programs to use the site online.

    What are the most popular promotions on 1win for betting on boxing?

    There are a lot of interesting bonus offers on the site. Promotions from 1win help all users win real money every day. It is worth paying attention to such bonuses: +500% to the first deposit, as well as no deposit bonuses.

    How do I win real money on 1vin betting on boxing only?

    In order to win your first cash on 1vin betting on boxing, you need to have a good understanding of the sport. It is unlikely that you will be able to win immediately and without knowledge, only if you are very lucky. You should analyze the fight, the athletes themselves, and then make informed decisions.

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