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1win Statistics for sports betting

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    1win bookmaker has been accepting sports bets from millions of users from the CIS and other countries for more than 5 years. The betting industry is becoming more and more extensive, bettors are getting more and more information about sports events, analyzing matches and lineups in order to increase the chance of correctly predicting the outcome of a match. Bookmaker 1vin knows how important it is for betting enthusiasts to get up-to-date information about the lineups, to study the tables. Therefore, in 2017, the 1win statistics section was launched - the most complete list of tournaments since 1992 in all sports represented in the office!

    1win Stats

    Why do you need statistics in a bookmaker?

    First of all, to analyze upcoming matches based on those that have already taken place. For example, a player wants to place 1win bets on the match between City and Liverpool . In the statistics, he sees that in the last 10 matches between these teams, the teams have always scored over 2.5 goals (this is an example). It is logical that in a new meeting it is worth taking the overall total more, based on statistics.

    Experienced bettors in bookmakers constantly analyze past matches in various sports, drawing their own conclusions. What data do users of the betting company 1win need for sports betting?

    • Championship standings
    • team/player progress in the tournament;
    • number of wins and losses in the tournament;
    • number of wins and losses in the last 5-20 matches;
    • goals scored and conceded, number of deletions, aces and errors;
    • statistics of matches against specific teams, history of confrontations;
    • top scorers in club competitions, overall statistics for the year;
    • results of teams in relegation matches (playoffs).

    This is just a small part of 1win’s advanced statistics, which can be useful to all users for betting. Statistics is a subjective thing, but the data on it is always the same. Most major bookmakers keep detailed statistics on most popular sports. The website of the 1 wine office provides information on the following sports disciplines:

    • football;
    • tennis;
    • hockey;
    • basketball;
    • handball;
    • volleyball;
    • baseball;
    • American and Australian football;
    • badminton;
    • cycling;
    • water polo;
    • curling;
    • darts;
    • winter sports;
    • races, including separately Formula 1;
    • rally;
    • beach soccer;
    • speedway;
    • squash;
    • snooker;
    • bandy;
    • field hockey.

    1win BK statistics guide

    By clicking on bandy, the user will see the latest results of tournaments in 4 countries. Yes, 1 win has detailed “stats” of international and local tournaments in not the most popular sports for betting.

    More than 20 sports, more than 2000 pages on tournaments in Russia, England, Germany, Africa, Asia and Oceania. More than 200 tournaments in popular sports since 1992! This is not a joke — in the English Premier League, bettors on 1vin website can see statistics for the season 93/94, the first in the history of the Premier League!

    There is enough information for all bettors to study, thanks to the excellent work of the technical department, 1win bookmaker updates the statistics in a timely manner on a daily basis, so the site always has up-to-date information about the match, referees, and the stadium. For one of the most technologically advanced offices in Russia, this is normal! Full access to statistics is available to all betting enthusiasts, even those who have not logged in to the bookmaker’s system.

    1win statistics: how to use the section?

    How to get to this section on the 1win website?

    1. find 1win mirror if necessary;
    2. go to the main page;
    3. in the main menu on the right, select the “More” item, find the “Statistics” section;
    4. a list of all sports will appear in a new window;
    5. you need to click on the desired sport.

    To select a specific championship, you need (we will show on the example of the Premier League):

    • click on Football, select continent (Europe);
    • Next, select England from the list or search by name;
    • from all tournaments in England, choose the Premier League (this is the official name of the Premier League)

    After entering the Premier League page, the current standings are opened to the player. If the season has not started, the table will go in alphabetical order by club name. At the top is the main menu:

    • Overview - standings at the time of visit;
    • In-person — list of in-person meetings of teams on request;
    • Calendar - the current schedule of matches with dates by round;
    • Table - a more detailed table with a choice of matches at home, away, 1st and 2nd halves;
    • Teams - clickable list of all major league teams;
    • Archive - a list of all past championships over the past 30 years;
    • Referees - the current list of referees ready for the new season;
    • Stadiums - a list of all arenas where teams in the Premier League will play, a click opens the capacity, size, list of matches with dates for the new season.

    To view detailed statistics for the past season, you need to go to the “Archive”, find the season you are interested in and go to the desired team through the table or the “Teams” section.

    How does search in 1win statistics work?

    There is a search icon at the top right, the system works only on the names of clubs and sports. To search for a team, you need to enter a Russian-language name and select the desired team from the drop-down list.

    In individual sports (tennis, badminton), the search for an athlete in Russian does not work. To find a football player, hockey player or tennis player, you need to enter his first or last name in Latin - a list of players and his matches, plus a team, will appear.

    The website of the 1win bookmaker provides detailed statistics not only for teams, but also for players. Consider the depth of the information presented on the example of the same Messi. After Messi was found in the composition of PSG or in the search, the following data is opened by clicking:

    • player position;
    • team, its head coach;
    • full name, date of birth;
    • height, weight, nationality;
    • statistics of the player’s performance in all tournaments;
    • goals scored, assists, yellow and red cards;
    • number of first-team matches, substitution appearances;
    • number of minutes spent;
    • list of matches played.

    All matches can be explored under the player bio, including recent ones. In each match, the bettor can study the starting lineups, game sheet with substitutions, goals and cards, information about the stadium, weather and referees.

    How to open the statistics of face-to-face meetings on the 1win website?

    It will be easy for all users of office 1 wines who are well versed in the line to understand how the statistics from the line work. To bet real money on a specific match and study the history of the confrontation, you need to go to the line. Next, you need to click on the graph icon to the right of the names of the teams, a new window will open with a detailed history of the matches of these teams.

    The following data appears in the new head-to-head match window (using volleyball as an example):

    • tournament date, name, team flags;
    • number of head-to-head wins;
    • number of games played since a given year;
    • biggest win on each side;
    • results of last meetings;
    • last matches of opponents within tournaments;
    • schedule of next matches;
    • table of the current tournament;
    • Average sets and points per match.

    The statistics of 1win is the result of the enormous work of hundreds of employees. Players of the 1win bookmaker can at any time use any schedule, table for all sports in order to quickly assess the situation and make the right bet on a sports match. Full analytics will help beginners to better navigate the tournaments, understand the history of the confrontation and analyze the matches of top, local and little-known tournaments.


    Can I view match statistics on the 1win website without registering?

    Yes, the full list of tournaments and matches from 1999 and earlier is available to all fans of sports betting without registration on the 1win BC website. To open the statistics section, just go to any of the office's websites or to the application. Statistics are available at any time to all players.

    How to view statistics on the site 1 win online?

    When using mirror 1win, you do not even need to log in to use statistics. On the main page, in the main menu to the right of the 1win Aviator game, there is a “More” menu - “Statistics” will open in the list immediately after 1win TV.

    Are 1win statistics available by phone?

    Of course, the mobile application of the betting company 1vin makes it possible to use statistics for all sports. You can find it in the main menu of the application right after the Live-games section. The functionality, along with the search and the list of sports for smartphones, has been preserved.

    Are there statistics in BC 1win for slots?

    Gambling at 1win online casino does not imply the presence of statistics in the form in which it is presented for the betting section. It is not possible to collect statistics on video slots and card games due to the privacy policy of each player and the complexity of implementation.

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