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Royal Mines 1win slot

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    In some gambling games, real money can only be earned by relying on your luck. Such entertainment is aimed primarily at bringing pleasure to the target audience. But there are also such games that can provide a stable income! In them you can minimize all the risks by following proven strategies. One such game is Royal Mines - a new game of chance on site 1win!

    Royal Mines 1win

    Royal Mines - 1win game summary

    Let’s start with the fact that this gambling game does not belong to the category of slots favorite by many. And even if you are used to earning cash exclusively in slot machines, do not be disappointed. Royal Mines 1win - this is a typical representative of fast gambling, which will save your money and time! After all, in it the risks are minimized due to the possibility of using strategies!

    By the way, something similar can be found in the crash games, which are also offered by the bookmaker’s office 1win. They are characterized by an extremely fast pace of play, easy rules and decent multipliers. Therefore, you can play such games while sitting in your favorite chair behind the monitor screen, or with the help of your smartphone! The very principle of Royal Mines literally hints at the fact that it is created for modern gamblers who find it difficult to sit in one place.

    Game Rules

    And now let’s briefly go over the rules of Royal Mines online. After all, from this will depend on the principle of forming a future strategy. So, let’s list all the most important nuances:

    • The format of the playing field - at the very beginning of the game you need to choose the size of the playing field. There are several options from smaller to larger. But at the initial stage we always recommend to start with the format 3x6. And it should be noted the following: the larger the size of the field, the higher the multiplier! With experience you will be able to move to more complex stages and earn even more real money.
    • The bet size is the second preparatory stage before starting the game. At the bottom of the screen there is a field available to change the bet size. The principle is the same that all slot machines 1win use. So just choose a suitable amount and start playing!

    Once the two base parameters are set, you can start playing. If you have chosen a field size of 3x6, you will have 6 lines in front of you. On each of them, you can choose one cell you want to be on. In case of success, the winnings will be credited to the intermediate balance. It can be withdrawn or you can continue the game, further increasing your profits.

    Royal Mines strategy

    Royal Mines strategy

    Now let’s get to the most important step. To earn real money at Royal Mines casino, you need to follow some simple tips. Again, we take as a basis the standard size of the playing field 3x6. In the future, you can complicate the game, using the knowledge you have already acquired. So, what you need to consider to play Royal Mines and win:

    • Remember the bet multipliers - in the variant we have chosen, the multipliers are set as follows: x1.43, x2.14, x3.2, x4.81, x7.21 and x10.81. Getting to the last sixth line will be extremely difficult and it is not always advisable. In any case, if you want to earn cash in this game steadily.
    • The order of moves - in such games gamblers resort to the tactics proven over the years. It is recommended to start the game with the same cell on the first line. Then it is important to stick to the same strategy throughout all subsequent games. For example, you start the game from the center square on the first line, and then you move to the left, choosing the edge square and taking the winnings. In case of success you repeat all the actions again, and in case of failure - you increase the bet twice and perform the same actions.
    • Bet size - in the case of choosing the appropriate bet size, everything works out differently. It all depends on your financial capabilities and excitement. Beginners are always advised to play at small stakes, gradually playing upwards. Experienced gamblers at online casino 1win can afford to take a chance at Royal Mines.

    Royal Mines play

    This is where the simple but effective Royal Mines strategy comes in. You might have noticed that something similar is often found in virtual roulette, if you play on red and black. Also note that you can take advantage of lucrative 1win bonuses and promotions by using them on this unique game!


    How to play Royal Mines demo on the official site of 1win online casino?

    The Royal Mines demo version is currently unavailable, as it is the intellectual property of 1win online casino. Despite this, you can make a minimum deposit and enjoy the game without risk to yourself. For example, the minimum bet amount in the game for all customers is only 0.1 USD!

    What bonuses can be used in the new Royal Mines online game?

    Every online casino customer can use a range of bonuses in Royal Mines online. For example, you can activate a no-deposit bonus for installing the mobile app and use the money received in the game. Bonuses for signing up for social media and connecting notifications work in the same way!

    How fast is the gameplay in the new online game Royal Mines casino?

    The gameplay of Royal Mines casino runs at the fastest possible pace. That's why the new gambling game is great for those who prefer to earn real money from a smartphone. The duration of each round is only a few seconds, after which you can try your luck again!

    Which languages are supported in the new game from Royal Mines 1win online casino?

    The Royal Mines 1win supports several of the most popular languages. Therefore, you can enjoy the efforts of our developers in the most comfortable conditions. Change additional settings can be in the corresponding menu in the online game itself!

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