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Rocket X 1win slot

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    Crash game genre is a favorite of many players. The release of a new game is always accompanied by an unprecedented excitement. The new game from 1win games is no exception - Rocket X. Like Jet X or Aviator, 1win Rocket X belongs to the genre of multiplier games with dynamic effects.

    The prototype of a real person, namely Ilon Musk, is the main protagonist of the machine. It is his features are guessed in the man riding a rocket gaining altitude.

    So, the playing field in Rocket X is a launching pad for the rocket. Gaining altitude, - it flies through interesting objects. Such as UFOs, red car, space debris. Along with the takeoff, the coefficients increase. The player’s task is to stop the rocket until it explodes. And the most important thing is not to get the maximum coefficient, but in principle to get it and thus increase the balance.

    That is, the rules are quite simple and familiar. But supplemented by certain interesting chips on 1win site, which help to win in Rocket X even more.

    Rocket X 1win

    Rocket X two bets to win

    Rocket X is quite a dynamic game. Along with a simple gameplay loop, the game has a variety of strategy options. A lot of relevant recommendations are on the net for Rocket X reviews. Each round is saturated with dynamics. Also in Rocket X demo mode you can watch the game process and bets of other players in real time. Also analyze the current statistics.

    In Rocket X to play a lot depends on the decisions of the player himself. This is not a standard online slot, where the random number generator will make a decision for you and automatically make you happy or lose the bet. Here you need to calculate the average probability of bets, keep track of time and do not yawn on the sides.

    The game also features a game chat, which will help interested players to share strategies, results or just have fun chatting.

    Reasons for Rocket X 1win's popularity

    Process Dynamics. Relax on beautiful graphics, dynamic picture and interesting plot.

    Two bets at the same time. The game panel is divided into 2 windows in each of which you can make a separate bet and accordingly catch two wins at different odds. You can also make only one bet - the second one is not active at this time.

    Proven fairness. Each round can be checked for fairness of winnings - the option is called Provably Fair. With its help you can see the results of odds generation and make sure that the winnings are fair.

    Maximum odds. Indeed, the test of the game showed that Rocket X differs from similar crash games like Aviator or JetX by high odds. That is, you can take out a rocket with a higher multiplier than the same airplane in Aviator 1win.

    Interface simplicity. The betting panel looks as simple as possible. It adapts to the screen resolution. And is displayed at the bottom or on the left side of the game screen. In the left part of the field is the statistics of recent bets from all players.

    game by ilon mask rocket x

    How to play Rocket X

    As mentioned earlier - bets in the game Rocket X can be made in two windows at the same time. The minimum bet is 0.1 credits, the maximum is 140 credits per betting window.

    The game also allows you to bet in automatic mode. To do this, you will need to set the amount of the bet. The number of bets and the coefficient at which the rocket will stop automatically.

    By placing bets in both windows - increase the chances of a positive outcome of the game and an increase to the deposit. Even if one of the bets will be unsuccessful - the difference is covered by the second. Also, when choosing the automatic mode, we recommend you to bet on different odds and different values. However, this strategy is applicable to single bets on Rocket Isk casino.

    rocket x

    Impression and how to calculate winnings

    After deciding on the level of bet, quantity and game mode, the rocket is launched. The player must know that the explosion can happen at any moment. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor statistics and try to predict the outcome. However, do not rely on the absoluteness of any strategy Rocket X slot otherwise you can drain the entire deposit without looking back. To a positive balance will lead to a cold calculation and the ability to stop in time.


    Where to play Rocket X for real money?

    You can play the new crash game Rocket X on the 1win casino site or through the official 1win mirror. Provider 1play places many novelties at once on this very platform. In addition - given that the game was released not so long ago, in promotion mode are given higher odds of winning.

    Can Rocket X be played on mobile?

    Yes. The game is created in HTML 5 format, which allows Rocket X slot to be automatically adapted to any resolution and screen diagonal. Also on the 1win site you can download the bookmaker's convenient mobile application directly to your gadget and play your favorite games even at low speed and at any convenient time.

    What is the maximum odds to win at Rocket X 1win?

    The Rocket X win can be played at quite high odds, which is what distinguishes the release from similar crash games. The highest odds issued for the last period can be found on the "TOP" tab in the statistics table on the left side of the game screen. The largest odds as of the date of writing was a multiplier of x511 of the original bet.

    Can Rocket X be won?

    You can both win and lose. Play Rocket X must adhere to a given tactics. At a minimum, determine for yourself the maximum bet size and try to calculate the average winning odds for the last 1.5 hours. Also do not raise the bet after a series of losses or wins.

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