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Recently, poker turned 500 years old - this is a great occasion to remember the most popular and well-known of its varieties, as well as to remind the rules of poker. There are many interesting types of poker, but today we will tell you about the most popular.

There are many varieties of poker and many other card games available on the 1win site. Here you can both play poker online, and download the game poker to your mobile device, and play with even greater comfort. 1win is always where poker is online!

Texas Hold'em casino 1win

This is one of the most popular types of the game known to all. This variety, oddly enough, appeared in Texas, and very quickly spread throughout the world. It will not be difficult to learn how to play this type of poker, since the rules of Texas Hold'em are quite simple. Those wishing to play poker receive two cards in their hands, and the dealer puts five cards on the game table, after which bets are made. Players look out for poker combinations, place final bets, and reveal their cards.

Omaha poker at 1win online casino

The rules of this type of poker are very similar to Texas Hold'em, but there are several differences and nuances. When playing Omaha, the player receives four cards at once, which makes it much easier to collect a poker hand. However, not everything is so simple in this game: the player must use two of his four cards in one poker hand. Omaha is the most popular online poker player, but sometimes it can also be found in professional competitions.

Stud poker

This type of online poker is not as popular as the previous two types, but it definitely deserves your attention. Stud began to be played throughout the American Civil War, and Stud poker was especially popular in southern California. The rules of poker of this type are significantly different from all other types: the croupier deals seven cards to the players in his hands, while none is placed on the table. The combinations of Stud poker are the same as in many others, this gives everyone the opportunity to try their hand at this game.

Poker card combinations

The peculiarity of poker combinations is that they remain unchanged in almost every type of poker. Learning to play poker is quite simple, the main thing is to learn 10 combinations.

Combination Decoding
Kicker If the player does not have a winning poker hand, then his highest card is used.
Pair Two cards of the same importance, they can be either on the game table or in the player's hand.
Two pairs Two pairs of cards, which can be both on the playing table and in the hands of the player.
Set Three cards of the same value.
Straight Five cards of any suit, lined up in one row.
Flush Five cards of the same suit of any value
Full house Three cards of the same rank along with a pair
Four of a kind All cards (four) of the same value
Straight flush Five cards of the same suit, which are lined up
Royal Flush The five highest cards of the same suit. The oldest poker hand


How to play poker online at 1Win casino?

In order to play poker online on the 1 Win portal, you first need to register. To do this, click on the "Register" button in the upper corner of the site and go to the official 1Win website. After that, open the section of the site "Online poker" and select the type of game and the table. On our site you can play both tournaments and classic cash games with other site users.

Can I play 1Win poker for free?

Yes, 1Win casino regularly hosts free tournaments in which any user of the portal can take part. To do this, you need to go to the list of tournaments, select a free one and sign up for participation in it. If we talk about traditional online poker cash games, then the game is played exclusively for real money. For free, you can only watch the game in them.

How often do online poker tournaments take place at 1Win casino?

Yes, you can open the "Online Roulette" section at 1Win Casino, choose any fast game and play it for free. To do this, it is not even necessary to register - the demo version is available even for non-authorized users. However, if you decide to play live roulette, then you won’t be able to do it for free. Play live roulette In the 1Win Poker section, dozens of different tournaments take place every day. Each of them has its own prize fund and a contribution to participate in it. There are also free tournaments in which any user of the 1Win casino site can take part. In order to take part in an online poker tournament, you need to register to participate in it before the start of the competition. 1Win can only be used with real money.

Can I play 1Win poker from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play poker online from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to download 1Win poker to your smartphone or open the site in any mobile browser. To download 1Win, go to the official website of the online casino, scroll to the very bottom of the site and select your operating system. After that, all you have to do is install the application and start playing online poker.