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The Plinko Gambling at 1win casino

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    If you are not familiar with the Plinko game yet, then it’s time to fix it. The game is rapidly gaining popularity in popular online casinos, as well as around the world. On the Bets 1win even those who did not consider themselves a gambler play it for money. Because the game is incredibly simple and at the same time very exciting.

    In fact, the first versions of this game became known in the middle of the sixteenth century. Then the Plinko game was for a long time an indispensable attribute at various carnivals, where vacationers were offered this way to have fun and the opportunity to earn good money by trying their luck.

    1win Plinko

    Plinko game – where did it come from?

    But really, the real popularity of the game gained when it was shown in the popular American show of the 80s - “The Price is Right”. Since then, the game has been used frequently, first in various programs on American television, and then around the world. Naturally, sooner or later, such a popular game had to find its place in the gambling segment. Therefore, the appearance of Plinko game in online casinos was only a matter of time.

    What is Plinko online game?

    The modern version of the Plinko casino game offered by the best online casinos is not much different from the game shown in the American TV show. This is the same vertical field, inside of which several rows of sticks are placed in the form of a triangle, standing close to each other. The triangular figure has a base at the bottom with prize cells and a top at the top.

    From above, a ball is launched onto this figure, which, falling down, stumbles upon an obstacle in the form of one of the standing sticks. Bouncing off it, he changes the trajectory of his movement and hits the next stick. Then it bounces again, changes direction, and so on to the very bottom, until it passes all the obstacles and falls into one of the cells located below. Depending on which cell the ball hit, such a prize goes to the player.

    How much money can you win?

    In the online version of the casino plinko game on the 1win site, at the bottom of the triangular figure there are three rows of 12, 14 or 16 cells:

    1. Top, green row – contains cells with the lowest profit ratio, from x0.4 or x0.5 to x11, 1x18 or x35, depending on how many cells are in the row. The more cells, the more profit. Similarly, in other rows.
    2. Middle, yellow row – here are cells with an average profit ratio from x0.2 or x0.3 to x25, x55 or x118.
    3. Lower, red row – contains cells with coefficient from x0 to x141, x353 or x555.

    Please note that by choosing the bottom row of Plinko betting shops at 1win, you can completely lose your bet, but at the same time, you can win the biggest prize. Accordingly, when playing Plinko, you can either win nothing or win a maximum of 555 times your stake.


    How to play Plinko on 1win?

    Actually, plinko is easy to play, like all online gambling games, except for table games like poker. All you need is:

    1. Go to 1win official website or 1win mirror.
    2. Enable Plinko casino game.
    3. Press one of the buttons in the game: green, yellow, red.

    After that, the game will start, after which you will receive a win depending on which cell the ball falls into.

    Additional settings in the Plinko game

    On the 1win website, Plinko slot is available by default in 14 cells mode and with a minimum bet of $0.30. You can change this with additional settings. Here’s what you can do:

    • Change the number of cells, set 12 ,14 or 16 pieces.
    • Select any bet amount from $0.30 to $100.
    • Set and configure the autoplay mode, which can end after a certain number of rounds, after reducing the money on the main account by the specified amount, or after winning more than the amount you specified.

    In addition, you can specify the color of the row by which the profit will be calculated during autoplay. Moreover, at casino Plinko on 1win, players can set the amount of bets to be adjusted during autoplay. This is done through a hidden menu in the “More Options” settings, where the player can specify how much to increase or decrease the bet if he won or lost in the previous game.

    Does Plinko casino offer bonuses?

    Because this is a simple game, there are no additional options such as bonuses or bonus games. There is only one game during which the ball falls from top to bottom. But do not forget that when registering an account in BC 1win, players can receive bonus funds, which can then be used in various games.

    In addition, 1win online casino offers bonus money and free spins for several the first replenishment of the deposit. As a result, you can play and win real money. In the Plinko demo game itself, you can play in demo mode, that is, completely free of charge. Therefore, here you do not even need bonuses. Just turn it on and enjoy the game.

    How to download Plinko in 1win casino on your phone?

    1win bookmaker offers the opportunity to download an application for phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating systems. In order to download Plinko 3d, you need to go to 1win bet from your mobile gadget and click on the special icon in the upper left corner to download the application to your phone.

    After downloading, you need to open the folder on your phone or tablet where you indicated Plinko 3d to download, find the application there and click on it to start the installation. If you have an Android operating system, you will need to confirm the installation of the application from unknown sources, after which the installation will continue and application 1win will install. In the future, it will be enough for you to launch the application and select the Plinko game in it.


    How reliable is the Plinko game?

    1win online casino offers its users only certified games from licensed providers. The Plinko game has a quality certificate from the most famous laboratory for testing gambling for online casinos Gaming Laboratories International.

    How to play Plinko for real money?

    In order for you to be able to bet real money in the Plinko game, you must first register on the 1win website, if you have not done so before, and make a deposit, at least for the minimum amount. After the money is credited to your personal account, you can use your own funds and win real money.

    Can Plinko be played for free?

    The game provider Plinko, when developing the game, built into it the ability to play in demo mode. This means that you can play this game on the 1win website using virtual money, that is, completely free of charge. All you need is to turn on the game and the virtual money will be automatically credited to your account.

    Are there game strategies for Plinko?

    The results of the Plinko game on the 1win website are completely random, that is, they are generated by a random number generator. It is impossible to predict which cell the ball will fall into, so it is also impossible to build any strategy for playing Plinko to win.

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