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    The new slot from Evoplay Entertainment presented in 1win online casino will please all football fans. After all, thanks to this game, you can now not only bet on the national team of which country will win and play for your favorite team on your own. All you need is to score goals. And for every goal scored, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

    The Penalty Shoot Out real money slot has a theoretical RTP of 96% and is highly volatile. Therefore, everyone can really win here. Moreover, by and large, the winnings depend more on the player’s decision than on the built-in random number generator.

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    How to play Penalty Shoot Out

    Forget the reels and paylines, it’s not here. But this a new game for money has excellent graphics, a sea of emotions, vivid impressions and the opportunity to win together with your favorite team!

    First, the player in the Penalty Shoot Out on the online casino site must choose one of the 24 countries on behalf of which he will shoot the penalty. After selecting a country, the screen will display a football field and a goal with a goalkeeper dressed in the uniform of the team of the opposing country. The player himself will be at the 11 meter mark in front of the goal.

    In the online game Penalty Shoot Out, the player has 5 shots in one round and 5 places to hit the goal. If the player has scored, the round continues and each subsequent goal scored brings double the profit coefficients. If the goalkeeper hit the ball, the game is considered lost, the player loses his bet and a new round begins.

    Where can you hit in the game?

    As we said above, the player has 5 points to hit:

    1. Lower right corner;
    2. Top right;
    3. Middle above the goalkeeper;
    4. Top left;
    5. Lower left corner.

    Where exactly to hit, the player decides on his own. If you make the right choice, you will get x1.92 for the goal scored. If you can’t score, you’ll lose your bet money. By the way, you can bet from 10 cents to 500 dollars. Accordingly, if you bet, for example, $100 and scored, you will immediately receive a winnings of $92.

    In addition, if you do not want to choose or doubt your choice, you can use the offers of the casino and entrust this matter to automation. Thanks to a special button, the ball will randomly fly to any of the specified points. But whether you are lucky in this case or not, this is another question. Many players at the 1win casino site still prefer to decide on their own when the Penalty Shoot Out game opens for money, rather than leaving it to an automated event.

    Penalty Shoot Out 1win

    Penalty Shoot Out Winnings

    Regardless of whether you beat yourself or the machine does it for you in the Penalty Shoot Out casino, the winnings will be the same anyway. Much more important is how many goals in a row you score and take the money or continue to take risks. Depending on how risky and lucky you are, you can receive payouts according to the following table.

    For each hit, the coefficient is doubled:

      • 1 goal - x1.92;
      • 2 goals scored - x3.84;
      • 3 goals scored - x7.68;
      • 4 goals scored - x15.36;
      • 5 goals scored - x30.72.

    Unfortunately, there are no fireproof amounts, as some other 1win slot machines offer. Therefore, if you score 4 goals, but on the fifth ball the goalkeeper beats your shot, you will lose all progress, but not more than the amount of your bet. So you always risk only the money that you put before the start of the game. In addition, if you are worried about the safety of your money, you can download Penalty Shoot Out demo version and play for free.

    When playing in demo mode and for real money, you can collect your winnings at any time and start the game again. In the Penalty Shoot Out game, all decisions are made only by the player, and it depends on you how much you win in the end.


    Can I play Penalty Shoot Out on my phone?

    Yes, you can. Despite the fact that the game Penalty Shoot Out has a lot of graphic animation, the game is so well optimized that it runs without problems on any phone or tablet with the Android or iOS operating system. After starting the game, it will immediately adjust to the screen of your phone in horizontal mode.

    Is it possible to check the fairness of the Penalty Shoot Out game?

    Penalty Shoot Out has this feature because the developer has implemented provable fairness technology. Thanks to this, any user can check the honesty of each hit in the game. To do this, you need to copy the encrypted result of the future result of the online game in the form of a hash sum and compare it with the result after entering any hash sum decryption service.

    How to play Penalty Shoot Out for free?

    To get acquainted with the game, the Penalty Shoot Out slot is equipped with a demo version. By playing in demo mode, players receive virtual funds that can be used to place bets and score goals. As a result, you can play without using your money, that is, for free.

    At what age can you play Penalty Shoot Out?

    1win online casino and provider Evoplay adhere to gambling laws, therefore you can play Penalty Shoot Out only from 18 years of age. To check this condition, the company may request identification documents from the player.

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