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    The JetX casino slot machine belongs to the category of gambling entertainment that stands out for its unusual storylines or original functional performance

    You can find this slot machine in one of the most popular and popular online casinos by opening official 1win site. The appearance of the JetX online game on the gambling market was recorded several years ago. But even in such a short period of time, the players liked the development so much that it soon became one of the most popular.

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    Characteristics of the casino game

    JetX is a game developed by Smartsoft Gaming. Virtual entertainment differs from the slots placed in the electronic catalog of the casino, with an unusual plot and a well-thought-out structure. The simulator can be run for real money and virtual coins, watching the flight and fall of the plane. The main task of the player is to make a profit at the moment when the aircraft reaches the highest coefficients, but does not have time to crash.

    Downloading the simulator will take gamers to the runway where the aircraft takes to the skies. JetX can also be downloaded to a mobile device, or you can play the regular version using a desktop computer for this. In any case, playing from a mobile phone in 1win mobile mode is comfortable and easy! Before starting the slot machine in any of the modes, the player will need to decide on the size of the bet. The increase in coefficients is observed immediately after the launch of the vessel, when it rises into the sky. They range from zero to infinity.

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    JetX casino features

    Before you start playing JetX, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the device. Its visual design is different from the usual slots at first sight. Attractive graphic design allows players to enjoy the realistic process of the plane taking off and falling. The amount of winnings will depend on the time when the ship falls. The simulator stands out not only for its graphic design, but also for its functionality. Most of the screen is represented by the image of the runway. The plane gradually begins to gain altitude, and the player watches it fly against the background of clouds. When the ship crashes, the wreck is accompanied by bright flashes.

    How to play JetX and earn money?

    The JetX device has already managed to earn a large number of fans. Among them you can meet not only novice players, but also experienced gamers. Therefore, the launch of the machine will appeal to a wide audience of 1win casino customers.

    In order to control the gaming machine, the developer has created a convenient panel.

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    The control panel consists of keys:

    • “Stake” − a fixed size is set;
    • “Place a bet” option activates the bet;
    • “Collect” − the player sets the gameplay to stop when the plane reaches the highest odds;
    • key to activate the next bet;
    • “Cancel” − the player can cancel the next takeoff of the plane in order not to lose his money and withdraw it to the account.

    On the left side of the screen are odds that will indicate the latest results of the gameplay. On the right side are the statistics. To play JetX for free, 1win online casino visitors will even need to register a personal account. They will be able to try their luck immediately after downloading the page of the official website, where the gaming machine itself is located.

    JetX game bonuses at 1win casino

    Many gamblers are interested in one question, how does JetX work and does it have a bonus game? The answer is quite simple. The principle of the gameplay is designed in such a way that the slot machine is launched in only one mode and does not imply the launch of a bonus one. This approach to creating a slot machine by Smartsoft Gaming allows players not to be distracted from the main points, such as:

    • the appearance of the highest coefficients;
    • increase in odds that affect the growth of the bet.

    Jackpots in the game for money

    In addition to the regular cash prizes, gamers can win the progressive jackpot. This cash award even has its own name “Galaxy Jackpot”. It is calculated randomly. The main thing is to fulfill certain conditions for this, that is, the bet size must be more than $1, and the multiplier must not be less than 1.5.

    JetX how to win: win-win strategy

    Players do not need to collect a specific set of symbols to activate the bonus game. In this slot machine, you can win money in the usual way. To do this, you need to be extremely attentive to the values of the coefficients, as well as be able to quickly respond and slow down the take-off aircraft in order to prevent its sudden fall. In the case of a fall, the gamer risks losing all his money accumulated on the balance sheet.


    How can I play JetX?

    The JetX slot machine differs from standard slots not only in the rules of the game, but also in the interface and graphic design. In order to start the game, the gamer must place a bet. The main task of the player is to predict the maximum height after which the plane will crash. This is not easy to do, so you should be extremely careful.

    Can I run a JetX game on my mobile device?

    Yes, of course you can. The JetX game is available for download on mobile devices running on IOS and Android operating systems. Therefore, you can safely launch the video slot on your tablet and smartphone. The main thing is to decide in which mode the slot machine will be launched: paid or demo.

    Can I play JetX game for free?

    Yes, you can. The JetX gaming machine is available in a demo version on any type of device. To start this mode, you do not even have to go through the registration procedure for your personal account on the 1win online casino website. It is enough just to open the page with entertainment, set the bet with virtual coins and start the slot. After that, it remains to guess when the plane will explode.

    How to launch the JetX slot machine in paid mode?

    To get started, you will need to register on the official website of the online casino. After that, you will need to deposit money into the game account. At the next stage, you need to select the JetX machine of interest and go to its page. Next, you set the bet amount and press the button that activates the launch of the aircraft.

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