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Gates of Olympus slot - Slot machine with bonuses

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    If you like the theme of ancient Greek mythology, then you will definitely like the Gates of Olympus slot. And even if you are not a fan of mythology, you will still like this slot. Because there is everything that players like here: bonuses, a bonus game with free spins and extra spins, as well as unique features.

    Launched by Pragmatic Play in 2021, Gates of Olympus became a bestseller in the iGaming market almost immediately. Many online casinos began to add it to their site because the users really liked the game. And this is not surprising, because the provider has tried very hard.

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    Information about Gates of Olympus

    In the game Gates of Olympus slot, presented on 1win site, excellent graphics on the theme of ancient Greek gods, namely Zeus, who meets the players at the top of Olympus. Despite the slightly intimidating appearance, Zeus is very generous and periodically gives players additional multipliers with the help of his lightning. This makes it much easier to win.

    Gates of Olympus slot The slot machine itself is also very interesting to play, since the game is made in the form of 6 reels with 5 rows, has a high volatility and an RTP of 96.50. Therefore, it often gives prize combinations. That is, you don’t have to sit here and tediously spin the reels in anticipation of at least some kind of win. The Gates of Olympus slot machine is very dynamic, and thanks to the animation that accompanies all the winnings and special features, players will definitely not get bored.

    Symbols in the Gates of Olympus slot

    In line with the increased number of reels and rows, Gates of Olympus features more symbols that award players with prizes when matched.

    Slot Gates of Olympus symbols

    There are 10 standard symbols in the game:

    • Zeus is the most paid: for 4 symbols x3, for 5 symbols x5, for 6 symbols x100;
    • Crown: 8-9 pieces – x10, 10-11 pcs. – x25, 12-30 pcs – x50;
    • Hourglass: 8-9 pieces – x2.5, 10-11 pcs. – x10, 12-30 pcs – x25;
    • The ring and all subsequent symbols are paid when they appear and match on the reels in the same amount as the hourglass. Only the multiplier changes. For the ring, these are x2, x5 and x15;
    • Cup: x1.5, x2 and x12;
    • Ruby (red stone): x1, x1.5 and x10;
    • Sapphire (purple stone): x0.8, x1.2, x8;
    • Cetrin (yellow stone): x0.5, x1, x5;
    • Emerald (green stone): x0.4, x0.9, x4;
    • Aquamarine (blue stone): x0.25, x0.75, x2.

    Naturally, in order to make it more interesting to play Gates of Olympus, like other 1win slot machines, this game, in addition to standard symbols, also has a bonus Scatter and a bonus game.

    Gates of olympus slot machine: Scatter and bonuses

    Someone might say that the multipliers in standard symbols are too small, other slots offer much more. But believe me, the scatter and the bonus game, as well as special features such as the gates of olympus buy bonus, are more than worth it.


    In the online game, the Gates of Olympus bonuses is represented by the same symbol of Zeus. When 4 to 6 of these symbols appear, the player is guaranteed a bonus game for 15 free spins.

    Bonus Game

    This feature is triggered automatically when at least 4 scatters appear on the screen. In this case, you first get a win in accordance with the table, depending on how many symbols fell on the reel, and then the bonus game for 15 free spins is already launched. During the bonus game, balls with multipliers will appear on the reels, which are added to the winning spin. At the same time, all visible multipliers that are on the reels are added.

    Also, the developer added the function of additional free spins to the Gates of Olympus slot. If at least three scatters (Zeus) land again during the bonus game, you will receive 5 additional free spins.

    In addition, during free spins, all multipliers from winning spins are accumulated in a special cell, which is located on the left side of the slot. As a result of such addition of multipliers in this cell during the bonus game in Gates of Olympus, you can win a very decent amount of real money.

    Gates of Olympus play demo: how and where?

    Before placing bets on real money, players on the site 1win casino can get acquainted with the option Gates of Olympus demo game. Thanks to the demo function, you can see what the game is like, get acquainted with the rules, place bets using virtual money and play Gates of Olympus in general for free.

    Note that in demo Gates of Olympus all winnings are also virtual. Although they could be completely real if the player played with his own money. After all, RNG does not matter what means are used, it always gives a random result. So open, try and play!


    What is the Tumble feature in Gates of Olympus?

    The feature guarantees the player in Gates of Olympus multiple wins per spin. This is due to the fact that every time after you get a winning combination, the symbols seem to burst, and new ones appear in their place, which can combine other 8 symbols, thus creating a new combination, thanks to which you can win even more.

    Can I play on the phone in Gates of Olympus?

    Of course, Gates of Olympus is a modern slot that meets all the standards and requirements of reality. Therefore, it is made using HTML5 technology and can be easily opened on any mobile device. This game can be played both on the online casino website and in the mobile application.

    When does the cascade feature appear in Gates of Olympus?

    The feature is activated after each win. When the matching symbols disappear, the rest of the symbols simply cascade down the screen, and the empty space is filled with new symbols. In this case, new winning combinations may appear in Gates of Olympus, which will allow you to win without spending money on a new spin.

    Can I buy a bonus in Gates of Olympus?

    Yes, Gates of Olympus supports this feature. True, the value of the bonus is quite large, it is always 100 times more expensive than the amount of the bet. That is, if you have a minimum bet of 0.20 cents, then the bonus will be worth $20. After purchasing the bonus from the player, the bonus game is activated.

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