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    ✔️ Simple conditions and minimum requirements for the player
    ✔️ Three visualization options
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    1win cases: general principles

    Today we will talk in more detail about the game “Cases”, which is popular among players. Which is offered by the bookmaker 1win.

    1win cases with money is a set that can be purchased for money. The cost depends on the class of the case and the level of winnings that it can bring. The winnings for each set are guaranteed and cannot be less than half of the original cost of the set.

    In the assortment of 1-win casino there are 8 sets with original names: beginner, lucky, top, lucky, luxury, oligarch, millionaire, master of life. The cost of the cheapest set for beginners is equal to five hryvnias. The cost of the most expensive one is UAH 5,000.00. We will look at the principle of playing and winning a little later, but now we’ll talk about why players choose 1win cases and where to find them through 1win official site.

    What are the advantages of playing 1vin cases

    The cases are the author’s development of 1win casino. No other casino does not practice such gambling on their platforms. There is a separate section in the casino menu for the case page. The 1win website itself is very ergonomic and user-friendly. The color scheme corresponds to all trends in the gambling industry, namely, it is presented in classic black and blue colors, with bright, eye-catching banners. At the very top of the site there is a button for accessing the 1win mobile casino and a bonus for installing this very mobile application. The 1win bonus amount is equivalent to $100 in any currency. Next are the buttons for switching languages, registering and entering your personal account.

    By the way, in order to play 1win cases, you will need to go through both the registration procedure and the verification procedure. This is followed by a menu sorting games, offers, promotions and other casino services. In the drop-down menu, behind the “more” button, these same cases are hidden. Below, in the lobby, there are icons with slots for every taste and budget. There are both classic and modern slots, and live casino 1 win, and card games at the tables, and gambling games like Aviator and Lucky Jet. In any case, there is entertainment for the most demanding user.

    On the left side of the casino site there are categories of games. Among there are two interesting categories: “Popular” and “Heated”. If the popular section is more or less clear. Then on the heated ones you can dwell in more detail. So, in this category there are games on which a lot of bets have already been made, but the jackpot or the pot has not yet been played. In such games, players have a chance to recoup their investments a little faster than in others. But, of course, it’s not worth the hassle. In a casino, as always, everything is determined by chance.

    Why do users choose 1win cases?

    For us, the advantages of the case game offered by the casino are obvious. Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is the guarantee of winning. Even at the very minimum investment of 5 hryvnias, you can be guaranteed to recapture at least 1. That is. one way or another, there will be no dry loss. On the most expensive package, which costs UAH 5,000, the minimum amount to win is already UAH 2,500.

    In addition, as in any rating casino, 1win guarantees that operations in the game 1-win cases are under strict control of the regulator, which means that outside interference in the operation of the winning system is excluded, which means full transparency and honest results.

    Thirdly, again, inside each 1win case there is an opportunity to purchase an upgrade bonus. In this way, you can increase your chances of winning a large amount of winnings by 10, 20 and 30%. Many players believe that this opportunity should not be neglected, because the acquired promotions make it possible to get the maximum amount of winnings almost guaranteed. Judging by the reviews, the best-selling and bought in 1 wine case is the lucky one. The cost of such a case is only 50 UAH. And the maximum win can be 250 UAH. Those. you can raise the bank almost 5 times. Given that they buy cases on average two or three times a day, even lucky players earn from 100 to 150 UAH. net profit only on some cases.

    Pros and cons of 1vin cases, general impression

    It is worth noting that 1win cases is a game more for experienced players, because. it is quite monotonous and of course does not cause the proper excitement among beginners who are chasing a momentary effect and a bright picture. Cases 1win is a game for those who already have a developed strategy. For those who know how much, when and what to bet on. For those on whom the rule is - the casino always wins, it no longer works. After all, they are no longer besotted with momentary success and do not uncontrollably invest money and time in a machine that has played once, but systematically distribute bets over several options and always win.

    So, what are the characteristics of the cases themselves and what they write from 1-win cases in the reviews. The positive qualities include: No special requirements for the skills of the players - just register, make a deposit and that’s it - cases in 1win are already available;

    Various enough graphics - so 1 vin cases are presented in three skins:

    • memes, animated personalities without real prototypes (well, almost all);
    • classic - coins and winning characteristics are depicted on plates with cases;
    • fighters - images of boxers and famous athletes already appear here;
    • YouTube - well-known bloggers are drawn on the skins.

    Guaranteed win. Those. you will still get the minimum, which cannot be said about the usual lottery, for which the result may be zero.

    From the conditionally negative qualities, it seems obvious to us that there are not enough 1 win cases themselves. There could have been more options. After all, as statistics show, people are ready to acquire, discover and win.

    When evaluating the effectiveness of winnings, you should rely on reviews about 1win cases. We found quite a lot of them and 80% of them are positive. Why should we not trust public opinion. On this optimistic note, we invite you to go to the tab with cases at 1vin casino yourself and convince them of their effectiveness.


    What is the chance of success in the game cases from 1win?

    The chances are like meeting an elephant on the street on a fine clear day or not, which means: 50 to 50. Also in cases from 1win. The conditions of the game guarantee only a minimum win, which is usually equal to half of the invested amount. And if the maximum amount falls out - then there are chances ... like in the story about the elephant.

    How to influence winnings in 1win cases?

    As such, the game does not provide cases from 1vin. It's just a lottery after all. Only with a guaranteed win. Buy, open and win. But the organizers offered to increase the chances of success and purchase promotion bonuses. In this case, your chances of getting the maximum win proportionally increase from 10 to 30%. This offer is available for each of the 8 cases

    Why in some boxes, cases from 1win, the purchase is 100 hryvnia, and the winnings are only 20 hryvnia, where is half?

    Well, the organizer dictates the rules. The player has the right to choose which case he likes and which one is more fair in his opinion. In order to familiarize yourself with all the rules and conditions, look at the relevant section with the basic documents of the casino. This must be done by every conscious player.

    Is there a mobile casino application and is it possible to fully play 1vin cases on it?

    A link to a mobile application and a bonus for its installation is the first thing that every user of the 1win online casino site sees in front of him. Look at the very top left corner of the start page. And of course, playing 1win cases on mobile is just as easy as in the computer version.

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