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    You are now on one of the 1 win mirrors. Such resources are necessary for many reasons. Redistributing traffic, fending off hacker attacks, and more. As a user, it will be much easier for you to find your favorite casino.

    The app can be downloaded at 1win site. How to do it?

    There is a direct download link from our site. It is located in a special section. Every player who downloads the 1win program will receive 100 USD for the installation. This is a significant bonus, especially for newcomers who are just entering the betting world.

    There is also good news for players with personal computers. The 1-win application can be installed on a PC. In just one click, you can get to your personalized page. This will allow you to interact with the BC, even faster and more conveniently.

    1win bonus

    How to get 1win app installation bonus?

    To get 1win bonus for installing the app, you need to follow a few simple steps.

    1. Download the application on your smartphone. To do this, you need to go to the website of the betting company 1win. In the relevant section there is a direct link. This is the installation file for Android. For IOS users, there is a link to the application page in the store.
    2. Create an account. You need to fill out the registration form and confirm the creation of a new account by phone. If you already have an account, just log in to it. The procedure is quite simple and not complicated.
    3. Fill in the user information. After authorization, fill in the basic information about yourself. User information required to distribute promotions and bonuses. Individual offers are provided for each of our clients.
    4. Congratulations! You have received 1win app bonus.

    A bonus of 100 USD is waiting for you Usually it is credited automatically, within a few minutes.

    1win app install bonus how to use it

    After fulfilling all the necessary conditions, the 100 USD bonus from 1win will be available to you. To use the bonus money you will need to make a deposit. But with real hryvnias.

    You will have access to all available entertainment. From card games and poker, to exclusive games from our bookmaker’s office. From novelties, we can recommend slot machine 1win Aviator.

    1win bonus for installing the app how to use

    Basic about the 1win app

    Bookmaker 1 win has created an app for its users. We have put all our knowledge and skills into it. It is made as clear and intuitive for users as possible. At the same time, the functionality has not suffered. The application fully duplicates the main web-version. Play games, make bets, watch broadcasts - all this can be done even faster. In order to make as many people as possible aware of our application, we are launching a new bonus. Every player who installs the 1win app will receive 2500 thousand hryvnias. We assure you, your deposit, has not seen such bonuses yet. The application exists in two versions, for Android and iOS.

    Benefits of 1win’s free app

    • 1win rewards its customers for using its own app. For downloading and installing it, you will get 2500 UAH on deposit. There is simply no easier way to get such a sum.
    • The 1vin application is designed with all the wishes of the players in mind. All headings are in familiar places. Users who previously had no experience with such programs, without problems will be able to quickly understand.
    • Do not need to use the browser every time to find your favorite 1win casino. 1win - will always be at your fingertips. It is very convenient practical. You will be able to track down current bonuses and promotions at any time.


    How many times can I get 100 USD bonus from 1 win?

    The 100 USD bonus from 1 win, each player can get only once. It happens at the moment of installation, and registration in the application. We are in favor of fairness and equality. All players have equal chances for bonuses and wins. Do not forget that there is a large number of gifts and bonuses.

    1win app install bonus how to use?

    You can dispose of your bonuses as you wish. 1win does not limit its players. You can use them in sports betting. If you are a fan of sporting events. Or place a few bets at an online casino. All according to your choice. Important, don't forget about the need to wagering bonuses.

    1win apps for Android, is it different from iOS?

    The apps are very similar to each other. It's just that one is made for iPhone and the other for android phones. Their functionality is the same. The size of the download bonus is 2500 UAH for all versions. All activities are the same for all our customers. What smartphone someone has, it does not matter.

    Chances of winning bonus money, the same as the real ones?

    Every player has an equal chance to win. It all depends only on your persistence and luck. For the 1win. system, there is no difference between bonus money and real money. For this, we put a lot of effort. For many years now. So that you have no doubts about our honesty.

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