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    Today we continue to study 1win official site. And next in line is a unique offer from the gaming platform - a free online cinema. No other platform offers its users such content as 1win bookmaker. Including the distribution of free buns is the prerogative of the giants of the gambling business, whose main goal is not only to attract a new client, but also to provide the most comfortable conditions for regular users. Those. the site visitor should not lose interest in the platform. To this end, all kinds of tournaments are created in online casinos and alternative software providers are involved. New lines are being opened on the betting site and it is possible to view all current matches in real time. And 1win Ukraine also created a unique product - a free online cinema, which will certainly hammer a nail in the coffin of any competitor.

    1win TV

    How to access 1 vin TV

    In order to access the cinema, you just need to register on the 1win platform.

    We go to the official website or any working 1win mirror if access is limited by the provider in your region and look for the registration button on the start page. It is in the very top right corner.

    The registration procedure itself will take you only a few minutes. The user is offered two registration options:

    • Quickly, by filling out a short questionnaire, where you need to provide your name, email and phone number;
    • “In one click” - here access will be through an account in social networks. They offer a choice: google plus, telegrams, vkontakte, classmates, etc. In order to complete the registration, you will need to enter your login and password for access to a particular social network.

    After registering, the client has access to free 1win entertainment. Thus, a registered user can play gambling in demo mode. Nearly all slots, roulettes, table games and raise games are available in the “play of interest”. To participate in sports betting or play live casino with live dealers, of course, you will need to replenish the balance, but this is not necessary to visit the online cinema.

    Interface and features of 1 win TV

    Online cinema 1-vin TV allows you to choose movies and TV shows for every taste.

    So, the cinema page is presented in traditional dark colors for online casinos. The 1win BK logo is modestly placed in the upper left corner. Right behind it are tabs with access to various platform resources:

    • Casino;
    • Line;
    • Live games;
    • Esports;
    • 1win invest;
    • Games;
    • Betgames;
    • 1vin TVBET;
    • Vsport;
    • More

    By the way, the ability to watch movies is open only to Russian-speaking users of the platform, so be sure to check the language bar tab and switch to Russian if necessary.

    Below, under the section with sites, there is a search bar, in which, accordingly, any movie fan can write the name of a favorite picture and instantly find it.

    Next is a tape with a selection of the most popular new products that have recently arrived at the 1win TV cinema. The left column contains various filters. Sorting can be done by the following parameters:

    • Film or series;
    • Year of release - filmography is dated from 1950 to the current period;
    • Rating - 1win’s internal scale has 10 points for selection. Accordingly, level 10 is the highest-grossing films; Level 0 - we did not find such;
    • Genre - everything is clear here. Western, comedy, melodrama and other favorite genres;
    • Further on, the film feed itself can be sorted by year of release, by Kinopoisk and IMDd ratings, and alphabetically. Who is comfortable.

    Bonus from 1win casino online

    Admit it, free access to the film library is a very serious bonus from the gambling platform. A solid resource has other things to spend money on, except for buying the rights to broadcast films. And on 1vin, in turn, they did not stint and offer their users a really high-quality selection, where you will not find low-budget films and low-quality TV shows. Everything, from the first to the last letter, is thought out, drawn, written with obvious professionalism and a responsible approach to the requirements and needs of the client. This speaks of customer focus more than 24/7 support, for example.

    How much does an average subscription to one of the top-rated TV platforms like MEGOGO or SweetTV cost? If you take a package without restrictions, then the payment is not less than 200 UAH. per month, and often more. A tidy sum comes out in a year.

    And the 1-win betting service offers all the same for free.

    It is also important that 1win app has no ads. And you don’t have to be distracted from an amusing scene every 15 minutes. Even 1 wine mirror posted a short intro video with a logo and a driving musical cut exclusively at the very beginning. This does not even distract, but only exacerbates the anticipation of a good movie.

    1win TV features and experience

    The 1-win cinema offers not only excellent visualization and decent selections. But he also monitors the constant replenishment of the assortment, makes ratings and ensures the highest quality. You can forget about pirated versions on the site. The resolution is not lower than 480. In addition, all the benefits of being directly on the bookmaker’s website are also present. You can pause the movie to get distracted and play a game of bridge at 1vin casino online. Or you can bet on a rating event in 1 win bookmaker, for example, a cricket match. By the way, the royal sport. And if you watch it online, you can even see Queen Elizabeth II, resplendent and now alive.

    Of course, these are all jokes, but the fact remains that none of the top bookmakers offers such a service to their customers, and even “for free”.

    Well, don’t pass by, as they say. And you will appreciate all the positive qualities we have described above from watching the movie, from the functionality and other advantages of not only the cinema, but also 1-vin BC as a whole. And perhaps from sports betting and casino games. After all, nothing human is alien to us, including excitement. So we are waiting for you at the 1win TV cinema. And let’s hurry, otherwise they are already eating up the popcorn.

    Pros Cons
    ✔️ Absolutely free
    ✔️ High quality
    ✔️ No Ads
    ✔️ Related features of BC 1win
    ❌ Missing


    Do you have to pay extra for new movies in 1win TV?

    Forget about the standard policy of paid subscriptions to films, TV series Amediateka and HBO. This will not be asked of you in the 1vin TV online cinema. They will not ask you to purchase the opportunity to watch a movie for 2 days, and if you forget and do not use it, they will not even remind you that the “film rental” period is ending. Bookmaker 1win made the maximum for the minimum. You just need to register and everything, all the functionality of the cinema will instantly become available.

    How to choose a normal movie in the 1vin TV cinema?

    1win TV provides various filters. You can choose the genre, year of release, rating. Finally choose alphabetically or at random. There is also a search bar through which you can directly search for a movie. Only search by name is available. Also, sorting by ratings of TOP film publications, such as Kinopoisk and IMDd, is available. Perhaps it is their authoritative opinion that will coincide with your preferences for the evening.

    How to register in 1win TV?

    Separate registration on 1vin TV is not provided. You need to register on the common platform 1win BC. In order to complete the procedure, you need to follow a few simple steps. Go to the official website of 1win, click the button - register, fill out the form or log in through your social network account. That's it - registration completed. You can play slots in demo mode, watch movies or live matches.

    Does 1vin TV work on a smartphone?

    Of course. 1 win bookmaker offers to download both a separate mobile casino application for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as switch to an adapted browser version by selecting the appropriate extension. By the way, for installing a mobile casino 1win, a chic bonus in the amount of $ 100 or 100 € is awarded. There are no restrictions on the functionality of the site or changes in the interface. Everything is also technically competent, accessible and beautiful, as in the standard version for a computer or laptop.

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