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    1win Bonuses| ✅ Bonus for registration | +500% of the deposit | | ⚽ Multiple bet bonus | +5-15% of winnings | | 🎰 Cashback in casino games | up to 30% of the loss | | 💰 Bonuses for activity | up to $10,000 weekly |

    There are bonuses in almost every online casino for real money. If the institution does not offer any bonuses, then potential players do not even pay attention to it. This is logical, because it makes no sense to choose those portals that do not have any promotional offers at all. On the good side, in order to attract users, the casino should offer both bonuses for registration, and for activity, and cashback from losing. The more bonuses, the more chances to please all your users and potential players.

    After reading this article, you will see that 1win online casino creates the best conditions for their users. There are all bonuses popular among players, which you will now learn about.

    1 win casino - signup bonus

    Users of 1 win receive their first bonus immediately after registration. The offer is as follows: the first four deposits are automatically increased by the bonus percentage. The total bonus percentage is 500%, which is divided into the first four payments as follows:

    • 200%
    • 150%
    • 100%
    • 50%

    Additional funds will be credited to the bonus account, from which the wagered money goes to the main one. 1win casino registration bonus can be wagered by playing 1vin casino games and making sports betting. Everyone will find a suitable way for themselves!

    BK 1win bonus: sports betting can bring even more winnings

    As you already understood, on the 1win casino website you can both gamble and bet on sports. And of course, we made bonuses for both fans of one and fans of the other. Bonuses on bets are quite rare, especially if we are talking about express bets. Only this already distinguishes 1 wine from most other bookmakers, but we went further.

    Each express, which consists of five or more events, receives an additional percentage of the winnings. This percentage depends on how many events are included in your sports bet. The more events, the higher the percentage of winnings. The main condition of this promotional offer is that the bet must be winning.

    Number of events Bonus percentage
    5 7%
    6 8%
    7 9%
    8 10%
    9 11%
    10 12%
    11+ 15%

    Cashback casino 1 win: how to return part of the loss?

    Now let’s move on to the bonus, which already applies exclusively to online casino games - cashback. Most likely, you have already seen this promotion in online stores and online banks. The essence is very similar, the only difference is that in the casino you get a percentage of the loss, and not of the purchase. After all, everyone understands that in gambling you can not only win, but also lose. This is what makes gambling so exciting: win or lose, only fate knows.

    So, we are not saying that you will not lose at 1win casino - this is not so. However, even losing in our casino will not be so painful. After all, we return part of the lost money to our players. You can immediately bring them to the card or try to win back the rest of the loss - it’s up to you. This is the advantage of “1win cashback”: it does not need to be wagered like in other casinos. And its percentage does not depend on the level of the player, but on the amount you bet on.

    Cashback Amount of bets per week Maximum cashback amount
    1% от 37 000 ₴ 1 100 ₴
    2% от 110 000 ₴ 1 500 ₴
    3% от 187 000 ₴ 1 870 ₴
    4% от 300 000 ₴ 3 000 ₴
    5% от 370 000 ₴ 6 000 ₴
    10% от 3 700 000 ₴ 7 500 ₴
    20% от 7 500 000 ₴ 11 000 ₴
    30% от 18 700 000 ₴ 18 700 ₴

    Note! Cashback at 1win casino accumulates for a whole week, but you can get it only on Saturday.

    1 win casino - no deposit bonus for activity

    Another bonus for those who like to bet on sports at 1win bookmaker. Each successful bet raises you in the Leaderboard rating and gives you the opportunity to win real money. All types of bets participate in the promotion, and you can sum them up with the accumulator bonus. This will allow you to get the most out of multiple bets on the 1 wine site.

    Regarding the Leaderboard rating itself, everything is very simple here: the more you win, the higher you are. Every day, a dozen winners are determined, who will distribute the prize fund among themselves. In addition to daily draws, there is also a weekly Leaderboard, which determines the best players for the week. Of course, the prize fund here will be much larger. Speaking of the fund, its amount depends on the total amount of bets of all players on the 1win site.


    How to get an online registration bonus at 1win casino?

    Bonus for registration at 1win casino can be received immediately after creating an account. You just need to make a deposit and you will immediately receive your first bonus from our portal. It is worth noting that the bonus offer is valid not only for the first deposit, but also for the next three. The total bonus percentage is 500%, which is divided into the first four payments.

    How to wager the registration bonus at 1win casino?

    All additional money from the bonus for registration is poisoned into the bonus account. Before they can be withdrawn to your card, they will need to be wagered. This can be done both with the help of slot machines and with the help of sports betting. When betting with a coefficient of 3 or more, you will win back 5% of the bet amount. And in the casino, part of the loss will be returned from the bonus account.

    Does 1 win casino have a no deposit bonus and how to get it?

    As with many online real money casinos, 1win has a no deposit bonus. However, unlike most, it can be obtained not for registration, but for activity. Fans of playing in the casino receive it in the form of cashback. Fans of bets in the form of a bonus on express and gift money in the Leaderboard rating.

    What is the 1win Leaderboard rating and how to win it?

    «Leaderboard" is a rating of all users who place bets on sports. The more the player wins, the higher the position he occupies. The first ten places of the list compete for a prize fund. The results of the rating are updated every day and every week, and players can win up to $10,000.

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