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    Roulette for money is one of the most recognizable gambling games, with which few people will argue. Even if you have never been to a casino and you are alien to excitement, you will surely recognize roulette. This game for money is often found in Hollywood films, and many famous people have played it: from Fyodor Dostoyevsky to Brad Pitt. A cult has already formed around roulette, thanks to which many people would like to play it.

    1win online casino offers to play roulette for money for everyone! Press the “Register” button, go to 1win official website and play roulette online! And before that, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of this gambling game.

    Roulette rules for money

    The rules of roulette have remained unchanged for more than three hundred years. The only thing that is changing is the form that has now taken on the shape of an online game for money. And although online games are very different from traditional gambling entertainment, the sequence of the game and the types of bets in roulette remain the same.

    Batch sequence:

    1. The croupier announces to the players that they can place bets;
    2. Players make bets with chips on a designated field;
    3. The croupier spins the roulette wheel, and in the opposite direction from its movement throws a ball;
    4. After a certain time, the croupier announces the end of accepting bets;
    5. After the drum stops completely, the croupier announces the cell in which he is ball;
    6. Players receive their winnings if their bet is a winner.

    Bet types in roulette:

    • Outside bets — sectors on the betting field, which are located behind the main field with numbers: black/red (factor x2); even/odd (coefficient x2); cells 1-18 / cells 19-36 (coefficient x2); cells 1-12/cells 13-18/cells 19-36 (factor x3).
    • Inside bets - cells with numbers within the main betting field: one number (factor x36); two numbers (coefficient x16); three numbers (coefficient x12); four numbers (coefficient x9); six numbers (multiplier x6).

    Most popular types of roulette games:

    • French Roulette It is generally accepted that this is the very first type of roulette, which in our time is quite rare. The peculiarity of French roulette for money is that the casino takes only half of the player’s bet if the ball lands on the Zero field.
    • European Roulette This type of roulette is a direct successor to French roulette, retaining all the basic rules and the sequence of numbers on the reel. However, in European roulette for money, when “Zero” appears, the casino takes the entire bet of the player.
    • American Roulette This type of roulette differs from the canon much more strongly. Firstly, American money roulette has a different order of numbers on the reel. Secondly, there are two “Zero” cells on the reel at once. It is interesting that initially in the American form of this game there was a separate Eagle field, but over time it turned into a second Zero field.

    Real money roulette: the story of one game of chance

    We propose to digress a little from the dry construct and talk about how the game of roulette appeared in general. The story is rather non-trivial, because no other gambling game was invented as a result of an unsuccessful experiment.

    It all started at the end of the 17th century, when the French scientist Blaise Pascal was, as he thought, on the verge of discovering a perpetual motion machine. He failed to make the discovery, but his achievements were later used in a different direction. The spinning ball reel formed the basis of the roulette game, to which the betting field from the biribi game was simply added. After only half a century, roulette for money was already in every casino in Europe, and eventually moved overseas. And at the end of the last century, roulette reached the Internet, where it gained even more popularity.

    Online roulette at 1win casino

    Here we are smoothly moving on to the most common type of roulette in our time - online roulette. There are many varieties of this gambling game online, for example, there are more than 150 varieties of them in 1win casino. This list includes American, European and French roulette online. However, all these games can be divided into two main types:

    • quick games;
    • live games;

    Both types are very different from each other, so we will analyze each of them separately.

    Quick games for money

    Fast roulette online is a game of chance for money, the outcome of which is decided by a random number generator. That is, the user places a bet, clicks on the start of the roulette wheel, and the random generator determines the outcome of the game. The main advantage of this type of online roulette is the speed of the party: 5-10 seconds. 1 win online casino has more than 100 varieties of fast roulette for money, so you will definitely have plenty to choose from!

    Live casino games with real croupiers

    Live roulette online is a gambling game for money, which is carried out by a real croupier. At this time, the user watches the broadcast of the gaming hall and makes his bets. That is, the outcome of the game depends solely on the will of chance. But the main advantage of this type of game is that the user has the opportunity to watch how the real game goes. 1 win online casino has more than 50 different tables for playing roulette, which allows the player to choose the appropriate budget and visual design of the hall.

    Play roulette online at 1 win casino!

    If you want to play online roulette for real money, then 1vin casino is the best place for this! In addition to the game variety, you will find many profitable 1win bonuses and pleasant surprises. They will make playing roulette online even more exciting and, most importantly, profitable!

    Go to the 1win casino site, register and get a guaranteed bonus for it!


    How to play roulette for money at 1win casino online?

    In order to play roulette for money, you need to register at 1win online casino. To do this, go to the official website by clicking on the "Register" button and create a personal account for yourself. After that, make a deposit in the amount of 100 hryvnia, while receiving a 1win deposit bonus. Then it remains only to choose roulette online and start playing for money.

    What is the difference between European roulette online and American?

    European roulette, unlike the American one, has only one "Zero" field. Thus, there are only 37 cells on the European roulette wheel, and 38 in the American one. It may seem that the difference is insignificant, but due to it, the casino has twice the margin percentage. American roulette enriches the casino by 5.26%, while the European casino net profit is 2.63%.

    Is it possible to play 1win online casino roulette for free?

    Yes, you can open the "Online Roulette" section at 1win Casino, choose any fast game and play it for free. To do this, it is not even necessary to register - the demo version is available even for non-authorized users. However, if you decide to play live roulette, then you won’t be able to do it for free. You can play live roulette at 1win casino only for real money.

    What is the difference between live roulette for money and fast roulette?

    The quick roulette game works with the help of a random number generator, due to which the result of the game is random. Live roulette is a game played by a live croupier. With the help of broadcasting the gaming hall, the user watches the game, and makes bets using the control panel. Thus, the outcome of the game depends on real randomness, and not on a random outcome generator.

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