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    Everyone wants to bet and get even more. The bookmaker 1win understands this very well and therefore offers its customers a 1win sports bonus.

    And not just any one bonus. Bookmaker 1win provides several bonus programs under which players can get extra money. You just need to choose the one that suits you best.

    All programs can be divided into two groups:

    1. bonuses in the form of real money.
    2. Bonuses in the form of bonus money.

    Each group has its own peculiarities, so let’s read further what they are. And also how to get and use bonuses sports for each program. After that we choose the most suitable option for ourselves.

    1win bonus

    1win real money bonus

    Under this bonus program on the 1win website, risky bettors can get real money as a bonus. At the same time, there are no additional conditions in the form of wagering. The bonus is paid for increased risk and skill. Therefore, if you are an expert in your sport, this is definitely the one for you.

    Express Sports Betting

    That is the name of this 1win bonus on sports and all registered members at BC 1win can get it. At the same time, in order to receive the bonus in the form of additional real money, you need to fulfill only three conditions:

    1. Make an express of at least 5 events;
    2. Each event must have odds of at least 1.3;
    3. All events in the express must win.

    1win casino bonus

    Receive a bonus on the express according to the scale:

    • 7% for 5 correctly guessed events;
    • 8% for 6 events;
    • 9% for 7;
    • 10% for 8;
    • 11% for 9;
    • 12% for 10:
    • 15% for 11 or more guessed events.

    At the same time, it should be noted that you cannot get a bonus of more than 15% in 1vin. This is the maximum percentage, regardless of how many events the express is on. Even if you have 20 correctly guessed events, you will not be able to get more.

    Calculating the payout on express bets

    To better understand what you can expect when betting on sports at 1-win bookmaker, let’s take the following example. Let’s assume that you have collected an express of 10 events. At, for simplicity of account let’s imagine that all selected events have a coefficient of 1.3 and on each event you bet 100 dollars.

    Thus we have an express with a total odds of 13 and a total bet of 1000 dollars. Accordingly, if all events turn out to be winning, you will receive a payout of 13000 dollars. Of which 12000 is the net profit, and 1000 is your bet.

    In other online casinos, 12000 would be your maximum winnings, but thanks to the fact that 1win has a BC bonus, you get an additional 12% of your winnings. That is another $1,440 on top of that. Thus, you can win not 13000, but 14400 dollars for the same number of bets. This is only possible on the official 1win site.

    1win sports bonus in the form of bonus money

    If you are not very confident in your abilities or your professionalism, 1win offers the opportunity to take advantage of bonus money, which can also help you win more. You can get this money by taking advantage of one of the bonus programs.

    Welcome Bonus

    A popular program for those who are new to 1 vin betting company. Under this program, all new customers can get a +500% BC deposit bonus. All you need to do for this is to deposit an amount from 200 to 8800 in one payment. In this case, regardless of whether the minimum or maximum amount deposited, the player in any case will receive five hundred percent on the bonus account.

    1win casino bonus

    For example, if you deposit 200, this money 1win bookmaker will credit your main account. And the bonus money in the amount of 500%, that is in this case 1000, will be credited to the bonus account. But in total, you will have 1200, which you can use to bet on sports.

    In addition to the bonus money being credited to the bonus account, the bonus is given under certain conditions. Therefore, it is important to know about 1win how to use the sports bonus.

    Using bonus money, you can:

    • Place bets on sporting events with a profit margin of at least 3;
    • Choose to bet on any sport;
    • Use the bonus for a limited time. If you do not have time to wager all the bonus money you have received, it will be burned.

    Wagering bonus from the BC according to the following principle. For each successful bet, the player on the site 1win transferred from the bonus account to the main account 5% of the amount of the successful bet. This may seem quite a small amount. But if we take into account that the size of the bonus bet is practically unlimited, it is more than realistic to win back the money.

    1win no deposit bonuses

    Another bonus program, which unlike the previous one is designed for regular customers. Every player on the 1win website can get a no deposit BC bonus for sports betting, in one of the following ways:

    • Installing the 1win mobile app;
    • Promo codes;
    • Periodic promotions from the company.

    It is important to realize that some of these bonuses can only be used once, while some can be used on an ongoing basis.

    For example, the bonus for installing the mobile application from 1win in the amount of 100 dollars can be received only once. By the way, this is a great opportunity for beginners as well. Since the bookmaker actually offers a bookmaker office registration bonus without deposit.

    Advantages of registering through the 1win app:

    1. You get no-deposit bonus 1win, which will be credited immediately after authorization in the application.
    2. You can bet as quickly as possible, without having to go to the official site.

    Note also that in order to bet on sports registration bonus can be obtained not only by installing the app on your Android or iOS cell phone or tablet. But also by installing the 1win app on your computer.

    1win bonus

    At the same time, 1win promo code and periodic promotions although they are one-time, still allow you to get bonuses on a regular basis. Since the company 1 win constantly distributes promo codes, which can be obtained for activity in social networks and regularly holds various promotions to build good, friendly relations with existing customers.

    Through the use of the above programs, players at 1win site get much more opportunities to bet and more tangible profits. We suggest that you take advantage of one of these opportunities right now.


    What is a 1win sports bonus?

    This is an offer from a bookmaker through which you can get real money for betting on sports. As well as bonus money that can be used to bet on sports. Thus 1win sports bonus is a great, additional opportunities for all customers of our company.

    Who can get 1win sports bonus?

    The 1win sports bonus can be received by every registered user who fulfills the conditions of the selected bonus program. At the same time, only adult users who are at least 18 years old can take advantage of any of the offers.

    What happens if I don't use the 1win sports bonus?

    Depends on which 1win sports bonus you use. If it is a bonus for express sports betting, then nothing, because the bonus is credited in the form of real money, immediately to the main account. If it is bonus money, it can burn after a certain period of time, according to the terms of the program under which you received it.

    Can I give my 1win sports bonus to another player?

    No, a 1win sports bonus cannot be transferred to another player. Each player on the site has a personal account and bonuses are credited to one specific account. But you can always advise and tell another player, if it is your friend, what bonus in our online casino is better and how to get it.

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